Off Topic: China Earthquake Relief

innowen here. I just wanted to let you all know that this message has been approved for posting by myself and Doug. While we're all about paper, productivity, and planning... we're also aware of the global impact that we all have being part of an online community. When global disasters strike, they affect us all in one way or another. Here's hoping that those in China and in Myanmar get the relief and help they need to rebuild their lives.

Dear all,

This is totally off-topic as it has nothing to do with DIY Planner, but please bear with me and read on. It’s about China and the devastating earthquake that changed the country’s landscape and scarred its people on Monday, 12 May 2008.

China is very close to my heart because I’m of Chinese descent, although I’m a Malaysian.

China is also very close to my heart because of the giant pandas. I have a passion for these black and white creatures, passion to the point of having travelled to their home in China – the Wolong Giant Panda Conservation and Breeding Centre – to volunteer for a few days in September 2007. Wolong is located very near the epicenter of the earthquake.

We have received brief news that the pandas are safe but do not know the extent of any injuries to either pandas or keepers, or damages to the Centre. Beyond the Centre, this part of China requires lots of help, in terms of money and supplies. I hope that you will extend some help to China at this time. Below are links to various organisations that you may donate to. Thank you.

American Red Cross – China Earthquake Relief Fund

British Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders


Michigan State University HELP Panda Project

Pandas International

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