My Miquelrius Journal - With Leather Cover I Made

Well - I finally posted my Journal Notebook - I use the Miquelrius Notebook - Which I love by the way. I love the graph paper and the paper is nice quality. The Journal Opens up pretty Flat and When I use my noodlers ink I don't have any bleed thru on the pages.

Here is my blog entry on Merlins Tower about this journal and link to the photos showing how I made it.

Miquelrius Journal - New Images

How you all enjoy


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Very impressive

Very impressive craftsmanship Alan.

I like the tie-binding you chose. I couldn't really tell if the leather was stiched on the flaps, or just glued. What weight of leather did you use? It looks pretty heavy.

Thanks - The leather was

Thanks - The leather was stitched - I pre poked (using an Awl) all the holes around the edge. I didn't use any glue on this project.
This is the tool I used to stitch it.

I believe this was 4oz Weight. I am not an expert in leather types as this was just a scrap piece I found at the Tandy Leather store and this was my very fist project.


Very nice leather cover

It reminds me of a fly-fishing kit of my late father's, a leather-wrapped "book" containing pages of felt-like material for holding his flies. I'm not a fly fisherman, but I love this little piece of gear. I was thinking about how neat it would be to actually make a cover like that for a journal.

And there it is! Great job, Alan. I like it.


It was alot of fun to do

It was alot of fun to do this - I planned more then the actual time it took to make. I would say the whole process took me from Cutting out the leather to completing the stiching was about 5 hours. It was alot of fun to do and really does a great job protecting the journal.


Great job

This is just great! It's a pity that some of your FlickrFotos aren't sharp enough to read everything in detail.

Can anybody tell me where to get those Miquelrius books in Germany?

Imagination is intelligence having fun!

I don't know what happened

I don't know what happened with the photos They all look double exposed - I will be taking a few better ones and I will try to get some more detail on the stitching. And try to get better photos from the pages as well. I am not sure what happened there.

Miquelrius books in Germany

Jester, did anyone ever get back to you on that? I live in Germany too and would like to get hold of some.

New Set of Photos Uploded and linked.

Everyone Thanks for the Comments and I just finished another round of photos with better resolution - Here is the link to my blog for the info.

Feel Free to comment or ask questions.