Just thought i'd say hey.
So, hey.

I'm from the Midlands, UK.
I stumbled upon this website through Google whilst looking for some day per page fills for my newly purchased A4 filofax (Which only had week to view).

I must say that I am greatly impressed, Am still in the process of creating my planner properly, using Widgets and resizing A5 to fit my A4, etc.

Going to read the book Getting Things Done by David Allen, It sounds good. I need organising (Which is why I bought the planner in the first place).

Wish me organisational luck ;)

Gavin Phoenix

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hey back at ya

and Welcome!

Be sure to post whatever you end up creating. We love to compare.


Decided to read first

I've used the dynamic templates to create my day per 2 page a4 diary, I've stopped playing with templates and other things and decided to concentrate on getting David Allens book finished. Just starting Part 2, step-by-step walk through.