Cure for Levenger Envy

Yes, I admit it. I'm jealous of those of you who live near a Levenger store and can peruse with impunity and actually buy things after first touching them.

Yesterday, however, I found something that (for me anyway) has completely supplanted my Levenger jones.

We went to South Coast Plaza - the mission to visit Sports Chalet and pick up a couple of camping cots. Once we were done, Schred decided he needed to visit the Tinder Box for a cigar or three. On the way there, I spied a shop on the next level down with cards and stationery in the window. I thought it was Papyrus, but that store is in another area of the mall. I convinced Schred that I had to go to this store and that was the payback for me hanging out shrouded in puffs of maduro smoke and pretending to be interested in humidors whilst he made his choices.

So this store is none other than Paper Source. I've seen the website mentioned here, but I never realized they had brick and mortar shops. This was better than finding out we had a Paradise Pen Shop in town (which happens to be in the same mall, but we didn't visit it yesterday)!

I must've spent half an hour just gazing at their flat paper collection. They have so much gorgeous stuff - including the largest collection of Cavallini products I've ever seen in once place.

I'm smitten, I tell you! Smitten. Amazingly enough, I did not go mad and stock up on papers and stuff ... in fact, I didn't spend a thing. But I do plan to go back - there are several workshops that I want to attend, including one that sounds like fun for me and my step-daughter when she's here.

Plus, I love their motto: "Do something creative every day."

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Uh Oh

I see that they have a store very close to my daily commute... this is bad. :)

Boston store

The Boston location is within walking distance of my office. I guess I know what I'm doing over lunch tomorrow!


I live VERY close to South Coast!!

My work here is done ...


(Hi neighbor!)