FlyLady Planner Pages

UPDATED to include new PDF and PowerPoint file:

This is a customizable kit based on the works of Marla Cilley, AKA FlyLady. I basically wanted my control journal to fit with my main planner size and look well put together. I have included a PDF for printing and an editable PowerPoint file based on the D*I*Y Planner Widget Kit.

Here is the PDF

Here is the PowerPoint

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

I made this because I use FlyLady's info, but had a hard time with her standard letter size planner. It has all basic tips for organizing things the FlyLady way and all the main routines. The PDF file is one-up, but is easy to print 2-up using the Multiple pages on a sheet option.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
PowerPoint, PDF Reader
fly lady kit.pdf229.5 KB
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I would love to use this, but can not open file. It does not have .pdf extension. Can someone help?

Phew, thank goodness for X-ray vision!

Hi Susan

You need Winzip (or similar) to 'unpack' the archive and Openoffice to open the file.


Thanks! I was able to unzip...but now I need to download Open Office.


No PDF in ZIP file...

Hi, your message mentions you included a PDF file in the ZIP, but it doesn't seem to be there. What application runs an .odg file? I'd love to just see your PDF... any chance of adding it to the zip?


sorry I will try to re pack this fill soon with the pdf files

I'll appreciate the pdf's as

I'll appreciate the pdf's as well. Maybe it's because I'm running Win2000, but the OpenOffice files aren't formatting nicely....

FLYLady Pages -- Me three! :)

I would love this if it is available in a PDF. Thank you if you are able to post/ share it. :)

cannot open file

I am not very knowledgable on a computer and would like to have the planner pages however I am unable to open this file.

I have converted the file to

I have converted the file to PDF - send me a personal message with your email address and I'll send you the file.

PDF of Flylady?

Hello: I would love to have a copy of this pdf file, please.

me too please!

Can you send this to me too please?

pdf files

I would love a copy of this in pdf format. Thanks for helping us FLY.

PDF pages for your journal

I joined I thought Flylady like 6 years ago. At that time they were using chores on recipe cards and I loved that Idea. I don't like the idea of a binder. However, I would like to see yours and if you can advise me about the recipe file way, I would really apreciate it. Thank you.

pdf control journal

Do you still have the pdf for the control journal? I would love a copy.

Thanks sos much.


diy flalady planner

iwould appreciate it if you could send the pdf format of flylady diy planner thanks

i would be very thankful if

i would be very thankful if you could send me the the file i can't seam to get it myself thankyou so much for your time and kindness i need all the help i can get thankyou Barb

I would like to have this

I would like to have this file also in pdf, please send. Thank you very much in advance. :).

PDF pages

Could you please email these to me if you still have them.

Thanks so much

Has anyone successfully downloaded this?

If so could they post it or or send it. Preferably post it so eveyone can have access. It's definitely not a PDF file.

Here it is in PDF format

Opening pdf in oo is not working

Hi, I have been trying to get to the point where I can edit the .pdf in oo, but it is not working for me. I get the following junk:
2 0 obj

I downloaded the fonts that were given and it still doesn't help. Any suggestions?

Thx, Cin

It won't work.

You can't open or edit PDF files in OOo.

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Editing PDF ain't easy

Editing PDF files is not easy. It is not intended to be easy. PDF was created as a standard format for sending documents to printers (the human kind) for them to runoff on their high quality printing machines.

However, there are some progams around that can hack PDF files. The Gimp (from, which like OOo is open source) can change page contents. But be warned it is tedious. You will be working at the pixel/bit level so any thought of using fonts you should forget completely. Also you'll have to work through the document page by page.

The only solution to modifying a PDF file is to go back to the original version of the document and edit that with the program creating the PDF file.

Ah maybe an explanation

There could be an explanation to the confusion in this thread. At one time there were copies of this planner page availabe as a PDF file and as the original Draw document. It would seem that the latter file has disappeared or the link lost during some update.

Information out of line

I was able to download the file, but when I open it in oo, everything is out of line. I really wanted to be able to customize the pages. Any advice?

Kitchen Sink Drama...

Hmmm, I see what you mean. At first I thought you were referring to something entirely different. ;)

1/ Right click on the slide you wish to change...

2/ Look down the 'context menu until you see 'Arrange'

3/ Click on 'Send to Back' until you gain access to whatever it is you are trying to modify (line, box, text, etc)...


Alternatively delete all the text and replace it with your own routine and witty comments... :D

Layout out of line: BlueHighway font not installed?

You say you opened the file in OO, so it was not the PDF.
Did you have the bluehighway font installed? If not, you can find it in the DIY Planner widget kit. (You can find them on . When you are only interested in the fonts, not in the widget kit itself, you can choose either of the kits, upzip them, and just install the fonts. If you'd like to design templates yourself, then choose the kit that suites your version of OpenOffice...)



i cannot get this to open no matter what I do.... can anyone please email it to me?? I would really appreciate it!

Fly Lady Kit

HI! I love what you have created and would really like to use it, but I am having a hard time! When I open it with openoffice the lines and print are overlapping each other, but it is a read only copy, so I can't fix it. I don't know much about openoffice, can you send me a copy that is not read only so I can modify it?
Hope this makes sense to you!!


How do you customize a form?

I have been looking for a fly lady planner that would work for me for some time. What you have made here is marvelous! How might I change the text in the lists to be customized to my routines?

Use OpenOffice

The file is an OpenOffice document.

It's a free alternative to Micro$lop Office


Are you on a Mac or a Microsoft 'puter ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Your document is corrupt - re copy it onto your webpage

This is rubbish. I can see that nobody has successfully downloaded this, which tells me you need to fix that by recoping it onto your website if you are genuine about sharing it with others.

Curley girl

Uh no

I've successfully downloaded this (9 minutes after your posting). Unzipped the file, dragged-drop onto and hey presto the Draw file opens without any errors.

It is odd to have zipped an already compressed file (OOo files are zipped for space reasons) but there's nothing wrong with the contents.


I just downloaded and opened this file just fine on my Mac. Same thing several months ago, in fact, when this file first appeared. It downloaded just fine, unzipped and loaded.

I would like to add, though, that while it's possible to catch flies with both vinigar and sugar, vinegar tinges the noses of the people in the room, and is very unpleasant. Sugar makes catching those flies much nicer--especially for bystanders, who don't like the smell of vinegar. :-)




I re-downloaded it fine today on Windows. Note that folks who don't have the blue highway font installed will see some spacing and alignment problems that make the document look a little sub-par. If you have the blue highway font installed, the spacing and alignment are much better.

There is no corruption problem, and there doesn't seem to be any problem on either Mac or Windows XP platform.


In Other Words

1.) It does download.

2.) If you can't see that it has been converted, you can do it yourself:

3.) It's a good idea to read what has been written before posting. Seriously.

4.) Anyone giving freely of their time, energy, expertise, and creativity is generally addressed with the respect they are due. At least, around here. Those of us who can actually do things know how much work these projects are. When we are offered a finished product and/or one we can adapt, we are enormously grateful and would never think of punching a gift horse in the mouth.

5.) One's lack of technical expertise and/or good manners is not something to be ashamed of, unless one also flaunts these things.

But then, the cranky ones generally move on. Thank God.

Worked ~

This worked just fine for me.. Thank you for putting in so muc hard work and time.
I used the pdf link and everything is in order.
thanks again!

Thank You So Much

I love it! I really didn't want to spend $15 on the full size planner, but this is so easy to adapt!

This is wonderful! Thanks

This is wonderful! Thanks so much for putting it together. Way to fly!! : )

Do you have a kit for a palm

Do you have a kit for a palm os? Do you have plans to make a kit for some of the other flylady control journals? The packing list?
FACE journal? and some of the others?

Open Office source file

Hi I downloaded it and all i got was the PDF, Wheres the OOo File? I would really love to have it as i use OOo all the time and would make it so much eazyer to edit it to my home. I love how you set this planner up and how well it would work for me.

If your your willing to email it to me I would be so thankful.

I have gmail using the same name as my user name here.

( wendylady )

Same problem with my file

I downloaded it and also only received a .pdf file, not the OOo file. If it can be emailed, please let me know who to contact to get it.


The OOo file disappeared

There is only a PDF
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Flylady journal

Hi, I opened the PDF and I can't change anything. What am I doing wrong? Before I forget thanks for putting it all together, it looks great!

PDF's aren't editable

PDF's aren't made to be changed. Usually when they are created, it is so they can't be changed. My office uses them for board reporting and version control of policies. You can obtain software that will let you edit existing PDF's, but I can't speak to the effectiveness of the software.


"Okay, I need to get in the habit of actually using my planner, but it looks really cool!"

True but ...

Star's response is technically correct that PDF files cannot be edited. However, the original poster (and several others of late) are actualy commenting upon a separate issue entirely, namely the absence/disappearance of the template that accompanied the remaining PDF file.

Thanks for making this more accessible

I had thought of using this system before, but found the huge amount of info on the flylady website overwhelming. Your well-thought out pages and clear instructions have encouraged me to think about trying it again. My sink (oh, it does have a bottom...) and I thank you.

Very inspiring!


That sent me to the FLY-site, finally. I am definitely going to do my personal version. I think I really need my own routine lists - for example yesterday morning I was left wondering if I had taken my medication or not... (it's breathable, so I can't put it in a dozer)

- customizing Filofax Personal -

Sorry life got in the way

Sorry life got in the way but I have resubmitted the OO version of this template. Hopefully it will be up soon

oOo file news?

Have you heard anything on your resubmission of the open Office file yet? I'd really like that one to customize the routines for me.
Thanks for your hard work, the PDF looks lovely. I'll bookmark this page and keep checking back. Orrrrr my email is the Name plus if you just happen to be sending out copies to people. :)


Thanks this downloaded like

Thanks this downloaded like a dream. However, I'm a little can I customize this to fit my filofax Personal Planner? I am using Mac Os X (Preview) to see the image. Can I used Gimp to customize the page size?

Thanks so much!


This is wonderful! Thank you!


thank-you for the time and effort in doing this!

GREAT help!

Hello, I have the Flylady book and have visted the website and forums. This document has just saved me TONS of work. THANK YOU for sharing with us. Bless you!!!!!

Still confused...

I was able to open the .PDF fild of this and it looks awesome. However it keeps saying that it is customizable. I can't figure out how to customize it??? I read all the comments and I still can't figure it out. Is there any way someone can step me through it? Thanks.

Control Journal pages - Customizable?

These are great! I use my time managment system all the time so this will fit in great.
No problem at all opening the files - just don't know how to customize with what I would like on the list.
Can you help?
Thanks, VirtualQuilter

Control Journal

Thank you very much!!
I couldn't pull up the flylady site in the library; thanks to you I was able to print up your version and now have a better start to organizing my life!

Carrie Code

many thanks for all the time

many thanks for all the time and effort you have given it is really well appreciated bless you


Hi, sorry to add my pennyworth, but I'd really like the openoffice editable version too, if possible. What you've done is wonderful, but I need an editable version really.

Hope this is possible and thanks for all your hard work,


OpenOffice edits PDF

Dear Tania,

you can edit the PDF-File with OpenOffice. Since Version 3 Sun, now operated by Oracle, offers a PDF Import extension. Another way is using incscape, as described here.
Finally you could follow the original author by yourself using the widgetkit.

Have fun!


Thank you so very much for doing this. I use a Franklin Covey planner and our company no longer allows us to get the different theme fillers. We can only get the original boring theme. To top it off our only Covey store is no longer here so I can only order online. I was going to do this and realized it would be great if I could find something for Flyladies. Yeaaaa !!!!!!!! Thank you again.