Circa pads from Levenger

Circa-punched pads! New! Squee! I want!

(Coherence to return soonish. I hope.)

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I was just thinking about how wonderful it would be to have this option. Yipee! Love the task pads too! Oh boy, I'm in trouble

mine should arrive today!



Where? Where?

I found them by Googling. Where are they on the website?

"To fly, we must have resistance."

Under NEW

On the top right hand side of the homepage, there is a section titled NEW (above the red SALE button). They're in there with all the other enticing new items!


You can go under Circa > Refills. There are junior and letter size pads, and little "tasker" pads. I want both!

DIY Tasker forms

I knocked together a quickie template in Word to print four boxes horizontally across a page (portrait mode). Rotate 90 degrees, cut and punch and *voila*, tasker forms!

No printer

I would do the same, only I don't have a working printer right now. Makes it hard to DIY.

I think for now I'll just cut up some plain white paper and run a highlighter around the edges... I really shouldn't be spending $16 on 150 sheets of paper.

Index cards!

I went up to my home office to cut up paper, when I realized I had a perfectly good pile of 4x6" index cards sitting there. so I punched them on the long side and put them in my notebook with the blank side up. I have one card for my to-do list, one for my grocery list, and a bunch of blanks stuck in a pocket. Cheap and easy solution, although I'd still rather have a pad. Pads are cooler. :)


My wife doesn't like my homemade tasker forms, too narrow. I suggested index cards, but for grocery lists they're too small. Never thought about 4x6! Thanks for the great idea.


Glad to help. I think that size is going to work out pretty well for me...


Does anyone know if it is possible to DIY a paper pad? Can a paper binding place do that? It would open up a whole new world of possibilities.

I've not run across a

I've not run across a Staples or such that will, but find a genuine print shop/press shop -- you know, a place that does offset printing.

They have all sorts of neat-o toys, and you can get any size/color/weight/whatever of paper you want cut and/or punched and/or padded, and generally amazingly cheap.

There's a small one in the town next to me I hit occasionally -- they have boxes and stacks of paper remnants left over from cutting master sheets down for other jobs. They will turn this 'leftover' stock into pads for you for just the price of cutting (if needed) and glueing. The last time I picked out some brightly colored papers I liked in sizes that would already work for me, and had them padded by 50 sheets on straw board. I ended up with 60 pads from about 3X6 up to 5X7 for $17.

Print shops

Ann Arbor is a collage town and there are plenty of print shops. Guess I'll need to start calling around.


I'll Let You Know Shortly

Funny you should ask, because I found a site that tells you how to simply and cheaply make your own paper pads. I'm going to try it this afternoon. If it works, I'll post the link.


Besides, that $16 could be saved for one of those leather covers or something from Ren Art. :)

Leather covers

You know, I actually have no interest in the leather covers from Levenger. I have a bookcloth cover, and it and the leather ones are both slightly padded. To me they make the notebook too bulky. With the translucent covers my notebook is slim enough to easily slip into my bag. Also, I like being able to put my to-do list under the front cover and see it at a glance.

If I was working and kept a work planner, I'd use a fancy cover. But for my go-everywhere notebook? I'll stick with the plastic.