Those without a system

I wonder about those folks who either do not have a planning system or make fun of those of us who do. Do you think they are better or worse off than the rest of us? What about accomplishments. In your experience, are there those out there who get a lot done without a planner and/or system?

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No question about it.

We are superior.

At least you know where you're supposed to be.

I love my husband dearly. But he's the most disorganized person I've ever met. Not that I'm great, but at least I know when my appointments are and what's on my to-do list. He routinely misses doctor's appointments because he doesn't keep a calendar. (And no, I don't keep track of his schedule for him -- I'm not his mother.) He teases me affectionately about my planner love. I wish I could get him to use one of his own.

My husband keeps everything

My husband keeps everything in his head. And he never forgets anything. Ever. I hate him ;-).

He views my obsession with office supplies and planners as one of my many adorable quirks.

Sometimes the appearance of being organized is enough

In a meeting last week there were oohs and ahhs over my Circa-based DIY planner. I admit that I'm not terribly organized, but I'm *trying* to be, and considering the organizational skills of most of my co-workers, I'm reminded of that quote:

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Just call me cyclops.


Just tonight one of our friends made fun of the 3x5 case I have above the dashboard. It was affectionate teasing but the concept was completely out of their realm. I bought my husband a FC classic system a few years ago and he is hooked. He loves it, but still enjoys making fun of me a bit.

Planner need

I absolutely need a planner. Way back in elementary school I used to write stuff down in a little memo book. I was the only kid who had to. My planners and planning have taken many different forms, but I've never been without something. I think, for some people, a planner is an optional tool. they can use it and often do better with time management, but they can make do with a wall calendar or their brain. I simply can't do that. If I don't write something down, it doesn't exist. Even with a planner I'm a disorganized mess. I can look in my planner and a moment later forget what is there. I've left work an hour early because I didn't read the clock right. I still don't know my husband's cell phone number. If I was a super genius, I'd be forgiven all this, but sadly I'm not. If I become forgetful in my old age, no one will notice.

I love playing with my planner simply because, since I need one, I might as well have fun with it. Right now I have a classic circa in a Ren Art drop dead awesome circa cover. Have I mentioned that I love this site?


Hi Lisa: You are among many folks when you talk about the shakey memory. I have that problem also but don't worry about it quite as much since most of my friends have the same thing. I too, love to play with my planner, and think of this site as a hobby as well as a serious thing to get my work done by. It doesn't take much to make most of us happy, i.e. a Levenger catalog or new way of using 3x5s.

it's a hobby

I agree about the hobby aspect. I no longer attempt to come up with the "perfect planner system." Now, when I start getting bored with what I have I start thinking about what kind of planning system I want to play with. Some of my planners have been rather impractical, like gluing forms into a rather large soft cover journal -- man that thing got heavy. But at least I'm having fun.


I started this back in elementary school also. I always loved having a list and loved office supplies. That doesn't mean I am organized however. Maybe someday I will be. I must say that I am rather good at interesting finite projects; those that have a definite beginning and end. It's the daily tasks that I fall down on.


I started back in elem school also. We also used to play a "game" called "playing school." Mostly it involved me taking on the role of the teacher and organizing any school supplies we had around the house while my brother ran off for "recess."

Me too!

I did that too. My poor little sister must have gotten so bored...