New from Scotland

Just thought I'd better raise my hand and say hello...

I've recently resurrected my ten year old Herlitz TimePlaner (sic) Magnum A5 organiser with the help of D*I*Y Planner. Thanks, people!

I've now started building my own templates which I'll most likely share once I've road-tested them and ironed out the wrinkles!

I also have a 3x5 (actually 80x120mm) zip-up DayRunner which is much more portable than the Magnum and a lovely vintage leather 2-ring Dominion "Price Book" - basically a reporter's notepad - that I love to bits. Unfortunately the paper size for the Dominion is 4.25x7" (half-legal!?) and the hole pitch is 2.75" - which lead me to think it probably began life on the other side of the Atlantic; neither being particularly common in St Andrews!

Oh...and I also run a Palm Tungsten for music, media, ebooks etc.

Am I enough of a geek? Can I play too? :c)


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I have a Palm TX that goes everywhere with me, but I haven't used it for organizing in ages. It's for music and books. I had an iPod, but the hard drive died last year and I've been using the Palm for music ever since. After all, I was already carrying it for books. I need to buy some bigger SD cards though!

Glad you're finding the DIY templates handy. And of course you can play too. :)

Palm over iPod

I generally prefer the Palm to iPod although we recently bought an iPod Touch for my son and I have to admit it is very seductive...

Have you tried any DIY repairs to your iPod, I remember reading a neat hack somewhere on the net a while back that swapped out the hard drive for compact flash - much more resilient!

I think this is why I like the Palm and SD card solution better...solid state storage tends to survive better and can be easier to organise.

See you around!


palm reading

I've read books and websites and magazine content on my Palm for years. Everybody I have physically met thinks I'm crazy to read that way. Glad to meet others that do the same thing.


Reading on the Palm

I will say that the screens have come a long way -- trying to read books on my PalmPilot Pro in certain lightings was really hard. I managed, but not without a bit of eyestrain... :)

Two systems

I was a Palm trainer for a while and now have a Palm and Dell Axim. I loved using them but found that my brain was analog in terms of calendar and to-do lists (next actions!) I miss my games, contacts, and portable Word. Is it crazy to have two systems for different purposes?

"To fly, we must have resistance."

Nothing wrong with that.

I have a Circa notebook/planner for my calendar and to-do items, and the Palm for everything else!