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Has anyone tried this new product from Levenger? You can find pictures/description from their web site by clicking on the "What's New" link on their home page. It looks to me like I could swap out their 1/4 inch discs for maybe 1/2 inch discs, but it would be a really tight squeeze. At $16USD for 4 portfolios, I think they would make great project notebooks, especialy since I DIY my own notepaper anyway. Any feedback is appreciated.

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These are, I think, a variation of the Rollabind Storage Binders

I will have to take a picture of the one I have, but if you look at the "More Photos" of the Circa, you will see one picture of it opened up. What you have is one large piece of cover material, folded twice for the spine of the folder. Then, they fold the back cover, about a half-inch from the spine and smurf it. When unfolded, you get a dumbell/double-smurf that the discs snap into.
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Do you use yours for storage or for active projects? I've made my own storage covers using the "double-smurf" method and storage poly envelopes you can get at the office supply store. But the material is a bit more flimsy to be able to fit in the punch.