Blood Glucose Monitor 3x5" Index Cards

I knocked up these index cards because the blood glucose log book I get from the local clinic -- while the perfect size for a Filofax (if only the publisher would pre-punch them!) -- is way too big for the zip-up pack of my monitor equipment.

These are very much a work in progress while I decide what I like/dislike in using them and I'm just looking for feedback from anyone else who might care to road-test them.

I've included the OpenOffice Draw files should you feel inclined to fiddle...

I'm already thinking of a week-per-view version that folds for an even more compact record but can still be flattened out and/or punched for long-term storage.


blood_glucose_monitor_v1.0.png5.5 KB
blood_glucose_monitor_v1.1.png6.66 KB
3x5_blood_glucose_monitor_v1.0.zip17 KB
3x5_blood_glucose_monitor_v1.1.zip17.83 KB
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