Cleaning out the planner and or system

How often do you clean your planner or is it mostly self clean? What about your purse or murse? Do you do it with your weekly GTD review or is it whenever the mood strikes? Do you purge your files or other paper on a regular basis? Do you stuff paper items in your planner or are you disciplined enough to file it right away? What about 3x5 cards? I clean my system about once a week "whether it needs it or not" ha ha. Thanks for your input.

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Once a week sounds right.

I try to throw stuff out as soon as I think about it, but that's usually about once a week. :) Same with my purse and stray bits of paper.

My planner gets cleaned out

My planner gets cleaned out monthly -- I'm pretty good about not sticking random stuff in there, so I just do it when rotating pages.

My purse gets cleaned out when I start having trouble finding things.