Ultra-compact Blood Glucose Log

I've just finished this ultra-compact version of the index card blood glucose monitor so thought I'd upload it for comment.

This time I've made it "week-to-view" with a spare rollover or "averaging out" column and row and checkboxes to record hypos or ketone levels.

It also folds for tucking into the smallest space in your kit and the cover provides space for phone numbers, medication etc.


blood_glucose_monitor_v2.0.pdf45.25 KB
blood_glucose_monitor_v2.0.odg13.54 KB
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check boxes?


I was going to respond to your other thread last night but it was way too late for me to be coherent.

On the ultra log, it looks like you have check boxes inside each of the boxes for your readings.... At least, I assume that is what the boxes are for.

Can you tell us how you'll use the log?

Instead of going to the other thread, I'll just tell you what I'm using on this one.

I print the weekly tracker from this site. I write in the left-most column what I'm tracking. For example:Fasting, Med 1, before breakfast, Med 2, after breakfast, after lunch, before dinner, med 3, after dinner, bedtime med, before bed.

I know it sounds like a lot of tracking, especially for a t2 not on insulin, but I don't take every reading every day. I rarely test before meals now unless I'm feeling off. And I put checks in for taking my meds because sometimes I can't remember for sure that I took them -- when you do the same thing over and over and over, sometimes it's hard to determine if it was really This Morning that you did it or if you are just remembering doing it because you are remembering yesterday.

Shoo. I hope that last paragraph made some sense to someone.

Use as prescribed...

The boxes are really just for marking anything unusual such as ketone levels, hypos or, as you point out, a simple checkbox to note that you've taken medication. I use a 0.5mm Pentel Hi-Techpoint and can just manage to write a couple of digits in the box if necessary.

I've recently been through the mill healthwise so I've been trying to organise my life in general and my health monitoring in particular.

I've also got an A4 landscape sheet which tri-folds for an A5 planner that I use to monitor everything from blood glucose and blood pressure to medication and bowel movements when my Crohn's flares up. (Too much detail, I know! Sorry...) I'll upload that one once I've tidied it up a bit.

The other form I'm working with is what I've called a Medical Debriefing. With the number of medics I've seen recently, I can hardly remember who prescribed which drugs, changed dosage or made referrals. This form is for logging the main topics of any Consultant/Doctor appointment and any follow-up needed. It might be overboard for most people but it works for me.


4x6 Tracking card

I have a duplex 4x6 card that has a week's worth of tracking for BG tests, carbs, and insulin units 4x on the front, meds and notes on the back. If anyone is interested I can try to post it. I've tried to get all this on a 3x5 but so far I've failed.

The gotcha? I did this all in Pages. I can save the file to PDF is that would work better for someone who's interested.

It will be great when there is a native port of OpenOffice to the Mac.


I'd be interested to see your 4x6 version. Everyone has different requirements and preferences so the more the merrier in my opinion.

I take it you've looked at www.neooffice.org. Does this not support ODG natively on Mac OSX? The only Mac we have is a 400Mhz G3 iMac with 256MB RAM so I've not had the opportunity to try it for myself...