combining Personal and Work in a single planner

I'm struggling with whether or not to combine my personal and work planner/log/journal stuff. Ideally I'd like to carry ONE planner. In it I would have basic calendaring for appointments whether work or social, whether at 10:00am or 10:00pm. I'd like to track my work and personal projects there. Have my phone call logs. Track how I'm doing on my exercise goals, and whether I'm drinking more water than coffee per day. (personally, cutting back on my coffee addiction doesn't work, so I just try to balance it with water.) And track medical information as well. (starting to get more of that to track!) I love that with tweaks and combining the diy templates here, I can create my own planner that lets me track ALL of that.

But, if I'm in a meeting trying to schedule the next time we can all meet, I don't necessarily want them to see what I weighed that morning or any other of the more personal info.
Is that just being overly paranoid?

How do you handle things like that. All in one, or separate?


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All-in-one and separate in the same binder

If you're willing to consider a brick again (instead of a skinny circa) you can do both and be completely separate in the same binder. After giving up on Circa (mostly because I couldn't make a book thick enough to contain everything I need/want), I returned to my Franklin Covey compact binder with 1 1/4" rings. I keep two tabbed sets of monthly calendars. The ones at the front of the binder are my personal appointments/dates/things to remember. The set at the back of the binder are for work. If something personal will cause me to be out of the office during regular business hours, I write the time and an asterisk on my work calendar. There honestly isn't that much double-entry and I can open a calendar just for work without exposing my personal appointments and reminders at the same time. You can buy tabbed monthly dividers fairly inexpensively from any number of planner companies so this is pretty easy/inexpensive to try.

If your office insists upon some web-based calendar, you could print it out weekly and punch it for whatever binder you want to carry.

Good luck finding a combination that works for you. : )

Combo planner

Hi I suggest you put a couple letters in front of your weight(number) so nobody will know what it means. I also like the idea of a single planner for both work and home. I think it becomes disconnected to do two separate ones. Good Luck. I think you are well on your way to an answer that will work for you.

Use symbols and abbreviations

You can combine your planner/log/journal and still have privacy.

I agree that separate sections in the one folder/planner is a good idea.

My suggestion is to have the detail of your personal appointments in a separate section to your work appointments, and separate detailed logging pages for health, exercise, coffee etc (if you want to have detailed logs for each). Then link them all to you main work planning pages with simple abbreviations, symbols and ticks.

So for example you could have a month/week to a page calendar with the detail of your personal appointments (eg Dinner with Fred Smith, 7pm Friday at Cafe XYZ) while on your detailed work planner/calendar page you could simply have "FS" written beside 7pm Friday.

In the same way, on your work planner you can write C and W with ticks beside them for Coffee and Water and still keep your privacy. Or, if you're printing the pages, you could use small icons or Wingdings font characters for Coffee, Water, Exercise etc - maybe a feather for weight, a lightning bolt for coffee, etc

How can they be separate?

To be honest with you, I don't know how others keep separate work and personal planners. All my appointments interact - I don't want to schedule a meeting when I have a doctor's appointment (just to pick a simple example, it gets more complex than that). I would be much less organized if it weren't all integrated, or I would spend much useless time cross-checking each system. Indeed, I could argue that one of the major functions of my planner is to help harmonize work and home, and thus get everything done.

I actually have three categories, work, personal, and professional (society meetings, reviewing papers, etc.). What I do is separate out my projects into categories - sort of as separate groups under my project tab, but in my calendar tab I integrate my appointments (I use a loose leaf 7-hole classic size Franklin Covey binder with DIY forms). I never show people my planner - but there's really nothing so personal that if some curious person craned their neck over - they wouldn't see anything - and no-one would ever do that - c'mon is your life that juicy?

Work does require me to keep appointments also in an shared Outlook calender, for scheduling meetings. There I don't keep a full accounting of personal appointments (If I have put a personal appointment during work hours, I title it something like "personal" or something like that). But really, the electronic calender is a satellite of the master paper planner calendar.



I tried carrying everything with me all the time for a while. I used an FC 2" ring binder at one point, classic size. What I found is that weight and size are a deterrent to me.

I had some cool stuff I was going to do for christmas planning, and some personal projects I wanted to carry around, and some weight tracking and other things as well as several big work projects, all my contacts, appointments, web password lists, etc.

I decided later that it was too much. Context is how I decide whether to carry something with me. If I have a personal project that I can only do at home, there is absolutely no point in carrying it to work with me. Likewise work projects I can't do at home. The project information does not need to go with me to the grocery store. The coupons don't need to be with me at work.

So when you look at each piece of information, think about what you *really* have to have with you everywhere. Contacts, yes. Schedule, possibly. Project materials, Nope. Coupons, nope. Christmas card list, not unless I work on it whereever I'm going..

From this, I made myself a little tiny contact book to carry with me. It's also got a small calendar for jotting my doc appointments and the like, things I collect while I'm out. Everything else is modular. The coupon book stays on my desk until shopping day. Work project materials stay at work, home project materials stay at home.

Note: I don't get out much, and pretty much never unplanned. So it's very rare for me to have a spontaneous 'opportunity' to go shopping or run errands or whatever. This is what makes a modular system workable for me. Your mileage may vary.

I do recommend one calendar, though. Trying to keep several in synch is a pain. I use my work Outlook as my master calendar, even for personal stuff--if it impacts work hours. If it doesn't impact work hours, then it doesn't get recorded anywhere, really. I'm lucky not to have that many commitments. :) But I flag all my personal stuff as personal and mark myself out of office so others can see it when booking meetings with me. I also book my travel time so I don't get any impossible meetings.

Personally, I see no reason to carry my weight around with me unless I need to take a chart to the doc to talk about something medical. If I were going to chart my progress, I think I'd tape a piece of paper to the wall above the scale and just leave it there til needed. I used to do something like that with my weight training logs--just leave them on a clipboard with the weight set, never mind dragging them around.

With DIY, it's cool to be able to build all these custom pages and trackers for stuff, but it's far easier to make multiple books and leave them in relevant places than to drag 50 pounds of forms everywhere. Bleh. I must be getting lazy in my old age because I just don't want to schlep all the c--p around.

Your mileage may vary.


All in one, just different

All in one, just different pen colours.