Launching area

Do you have a launching area that you use to set up your planner and other things you need to take to work or school the next day? What is included in your layout?

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Mine would be my kitchen counter which is right by the door. I use the metal door as a place to put important reminders which can be held by a magnet. So, that means I need a little box of scratch paper there with a can to hold some pens/markers. Below the counter I have four hooks for umbrella, my purse, etc. my planner sits on this space in the evenings/weekends so that I grab it whenever I leave the house. Then I also have scratch paper by the couch and my bed. Whatever notes I take, I bring to the launch and grab them when I leave with my planner.

Tripping area

I have to block my way out the door with everything that has to go with me or I get 2 blocks from home and have to return. "A mind is a terrible thing... to lose !" :-)

Night before

I have to pack my bag before going to bed each night. I'm not a morning person and wait until I get to the office to have coffee so I would surely forget something if I tried to put everything together in the morning.

My bag contains my laptop, my planner (Circa with cover from Renaissance Art), any client files I might have brought home, and magazines for the subway ride. The only things I put in my bag in the morning is my lunch and shoes. Shoes because I walk part of the way to work and wear sneakers for the commute and change into my heels once I get to the office.

My bag pretty much lives next to the recliner in the living room unless people are over and I've actually straighten the place up ;-).

I love that expression,

I love that expression, “launching area”! I use the dining room table for night set up and morning pick up, and a little school desk to keep my planning notebooks on.

Evening time I put any bits of paper I need into my purse and check for money; larger things go into my sack, including library books that need returning, my 3x5 binder, any folders, water. I leave my calendar notebook open to the day so in the morning I can quickly double check what day it is (I forget these things) and anything I have forgotten, such as putting a medical chit in my purse. Sometimes I put the calendar notebook in the sack but usually I do not need it. I usually have at least two yellow stickies with reminders written in red marker. Those could be everything from remembering to close a window in case of rain, to an appointment or phone call or something important to pick up like cat litter. Often I will tape these stickies on the front of my purse or 3x5 or dash on the car.

My “prepare to launch area” though is a little old fashioned wooden school desk, the kind with a hole for the ink bottle. I keep my big main “gtd type” planner on as well as the calendar notebook and the 3x5. It is very handy as small and just dedicated to the planning and organizing stuff, I always know where they are and they aren’t piled under something else. I keep it to the left of my computer, handy to write in things from there when I need.

Launching Area

I do the same, except I call mine the "staging area." We have an antique wooden ice chest (with drawers) and on top is a Levenger recharging station, the one with three bays and a drawer. My iPod Touch and cell phone live there, and in the drawer are my two lightweight belt bags -- one with a single pocket from TAD Gear for when I just need the iPod or the phone, and a New Sun "Liberty" pouch from Brigade Quartermasters for when I need the whole kit 'n' kaboodle.

Standard paper carry includes a letter-size Circa planner and my Circa PDA (always in my back pocket anyway). Flash drive and Zebra F-301 Compact live on the keychain.

For bigger trips I use an Ecolution messenger bag that's always loaded with an old Baggalini computer sleeve (which I can also pull out when I need just the laptop) and all the cabling I need to plug into phone jacks, projectors, etc. in the field. For such trips, I carry the phone and iPod in the messenger bag and leave the belt bags at home. The messenger bag hangs over the basement door along with my wife's eBags backpack, which is her preferred carryall.

That’s what I aim to use

That’s what I aim to use eventually, only mine is an antique commode chest. It has a top drawer then large space underneath with door, one my mum and dad restored many decades ago. It sits in hall by front closet near door and that’s why it would be better than dining table, as jacket in closet and keys already on top of chest. But it’s already piled with other so called necessary stuff and drawer and bottom full and until I can work my way through what to do with all that …
I used to use sacks (and notebook covers too) I made myself and fancied up with appliqué and embroidered designs but people kept wanting them and I kept giving them away, so I started using a plain cotton sack. Then a neighbour gave me an extremely thin fold up one of some nylon type material. It’s really big and carries an enormous amount of weight but since so feather light itself, it seems to make carrying easier. I also have an interesting Indonesian leather messenger type bag from Ten Thousand Villages given as gift, but so stiff, needs a lot of breaking in and I keep avoiding it for that reason.

I would love to see pictures

I would love to see pictures of these antiques! The history major in me is intrigued.

I am blessed with many

I am blessed with many pieces from my family, going back to early 1800's. Here is a picture of the commode,

Very, Very Nice Piece!

Very Nice!

Thanks for posting the picture - it's lovely. Right now we have an Ikea bookcase that's something like our staging area. Now that we've bought a home and are filling it with better quality furniture, I'd love to find something like this to replace it.

I have a secretary desk my father gave to my mother as a wedding gift but it's currently serving a different purpose in the dining room. Maybe once we buy the better quality dining room table and get the buffet and hutch to go with it, I can move the secretary desk to the staging area by the front door.

Staging Area Photo

Hi, rfe --

I just posted a picture of the chest on my blog. It's the most recent addition to our small collection, and it has a special connection because it was brought over from "the old country" by my wife's grandmother.


About the hat...

Ever considered a Tilley ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Silly for Tilley

Sonofagun! The T5 is just what I've been looking for! Narrow brims are so hard to find these days. Thank you so much, sir! A tip o' the (future) hat to ya...

And thanks for the compliments on the staging hutch! Yikes, rfe does that mean now I have to actually write on my blog??

Thanks very much! I've

Thanks very much! I've commented over on the blog post. I've also added your blog to my Google Reader!

Thx, rfe - research your own furniture history

Glad you like the chest! Yours Rollfool, is gorgeous too, especially having so many little drawers!

Perhaps rfe, instead of gazing at other people’s treasures you could find out some of your own family history. Go around to people if you can and see what they have and ask them the history and the stories they have about the piece. There is often a little story that goes with something old. I have an amazing oak bookcase with glass doors belonged to my grandmother’s sister, originally late 1800’s. She always used to laugh telling how when they moved from the farm she found that it had been bolted to the wall, something she never knew or had remembered. At the time, everyone kidded her endlessly for her bad housekeeping, never cleaning behind the bookcase. Write letters to family and ask about anything they have or that they remember from the past. Ask them to describe in best details they can and send good pictures if possible. Find out who passed down what to whom. Look at old pictures if available and see what furniture was used. Start a notebook on history of family furniture. A very sad thing is that often the history of things gets lost over the years because nothing written down. I’ve taken to taping the essential history underneath some things just in case. Also, there are often uses for old things if they become available to you that you might not think of at the time. I have a sewing box stand built by gr gr gr grandfather that I use for small office supplies like paper clips, erasers, and stickies! If no furniture is available but you can get some history and descriptions, you might something find something similar.

Interesting that someone brought this up

I had just created an area by my front door this spring to do exactly what is being discussed.

The dresser I use was a gift from my grandfather to me and the small desk/telephone stand was a $15 find at Hobby Lobby.

I agree with poppingbeavers that it is great when you find a new use for something old and well loved. The brass set on my dresser is an old smoking set that now holds office supplies and matches an old stamp dispenser quite well.

picasawebdotgoogledotcom/Starblazie/Organized (feel free to linkify) :)


"Okay, I need to get in the habit of actually using my planner, but it looks really cool!"

I'm not really a morning

I'm not really a morning person myself (I just pretend to be one 5 days a week).

On the wall beside the door (well - it's a corner, about 3" wide) I have a piece of blue tack. To that I stick all the bills (or the dragon clip filled with bills) that must go out with me when I leave.

I don't have a table (or other furnature) in the entry. Instead I use a spot on the floor that I have to walk by to leave. It's right by a trash can (which receives all my junk mail when I come in). My new Tilly hat rests on the closet door-knob (roughly above the spot where I place my bag).

So far this layout has worked pretty well.

My ears perk up

at what might be mention of an office supply I don't already have:

Dragon clips?