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The Japanese Firefox blog Foxkeh dot com puts out an amazing desktop for each month for download. I've been pasting a copy on the cover of my datebook notebook every month for a while and it sure cheers things up! Just occurred to me that others might like the idea. You can dl as .jpg as from the view. I put in my graphics program to fit to the size of my notebook then print, trim and tape it on. At the end of the month, I dl and get one ready for the next month while getting the desktop. Attached is June. Get it at

foxkeh_july.png9.31 KB
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Nice, but...

Two comments:

  1. The wallpapers are not available for the whole calendar year, just the current month. link to foxkeh wallpapers
  2. The image you linked to is for June 2008, not July

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Yes you read my post

Yes you read my post correctly, the monthly desktop downloads come out each month, and you can get them at That’s why I use them for my notebook cover so I have the current month in front of me, and get to have a new beautiful cover each month! Also, If you look up, you will see that I said, “Attached is June” and the thumbnail does indeed show a little picture of the Foxkeh June graphic. The “July” was just a typo in how I named the .jpg.


I was wondering what to do for the initial blank page of my monthly calender prints, I think I might use your picture idea!
Although i'll use different pictures other than that site :)