Diabetes Tracker Cards

The joys of DIY. I want to try carrying a card with my meter so I knocked out a 3x5 version of my 4x6 card.

The zip files are Pages bundles.

BG Card.pdf57.25 KB
BG Card.zip114.63 KB
DIY BG Card 3x5.pdf33.77 KB
DIY BG Card 3x5.jpg30.18 KB
DIY BG Card 3x5.zip42.6 KB
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Go ahead and post it here...

along with the PDF.
Them WinDoze folks is always posting them Werd files, to why not post your Pages file ?, said a fellow Mac/iWork user
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Ask and receive

Given everything you've posted, this is the least I can do. First time I tried to post this I forget to zip the Pages bundle. Should be good to go now.


Thank you!

Thank you for this post.
My teenage son has diabetes, and this is a tool that will help him!