Polyvore: A Web Collage Creation App

Last year I wrote a post detailing ways to use collage as a tool for motivation.

Today, while perusing the RSS feeds, I stumbled upon this site, Polyvore. Apparently, this site allows you to collect images from all over the site and mix and match them into your own collages. You can then share these collages with anyone. Rolling over and clicking on any of the images in the collage, takes you back to the original site where you can buy it.

I have yet to try this app (wanted to share this with you all first); but in my quick perusal of the site I did see that they teach you how to use their editor. The potential to use this tool as a powerful and visual way to create motivation collages that can then be shared with others is amazing. I can see many kids also using this as a way to create wish-lists for holidays or any occasion.

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