Filler Paper--Heavier Bond

I'm looking for narrow ruled filler paper (notebook paper) but I'm looking for it in 28 or 32 lb bond (at least something heavier than 16 or 20lb). Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

My wife is a teacher and for some of her students headed to college we are going to make them journals with a personal touch. In the English class my wife teaches they have been doing their journals on normal filler paper, so we figured it would be a small joke to make their journals with filler paper.

I've used some of the forms that you can get off the internet to print my own, but it got me thinking and wondering: "Did someone make this already?" I did some Googling (See Ygor I've been listening!!) and couldn't really find anything that was already lined and heavier than 16lb.

If you can think somewhere that might do custom printing like what I'm looking for let me know as well. I'd rather spend the time and effort building and personalizing the journal as opposed to printing out paper for it, so I'm willing to spend a buck or two on this part.

Thanks all

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Please define "filler paper"

Are you talking about 3-hole punched paper ?
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Filler Paper--Definition

Filler paper is lined notebook paper. It can be 3 hole punched or not. Growing up it was the paper that we had to use in school for assignments and such. From my Googling it usually comes in Wide Rule, College Rule and Narrow Rule and that determines the width of space between the lines.

Sorry about the lack of description in the orignial post. I forget folks can't see what I'm thinking.

Since you don't care if the paper is punched...

You can check out some of the Levenger pads in the paper section. The pre-punched papers seemed to be available only in annotation style, which has an open box on the left side of the paper. The pads should also be available in fully lined style.

Re: Filler paper - heavier bond

If you do want 3-hole-punched lined paper, Levenger has some beautiful "notebook" paper. Just go to, click on "paper & pads", then select "refills". They also sell very nice bound composition books. Just do a search for "Notabilia Notebooks" at Levenger.