Moleskine Volant

Moleskine fans might like to know about the Moleskine Volant that seem to be quite new out.

They come in extra small, pocket and large sizes.

What's different?

Well they're a bit like cahiers but have lovely coloured jacket rather than traditional moleskine black or the brown cahier finish.

The colours are black (can't give it up completely), blue, pink and green. They come in packs of two with two shades of green, blue etc.

The extra small is 10.5cm x 6.5cm and all the pages have a perforation. This is the gem of the collection for me as it really does fit in any pocket!

The pocket size and large have perforations on the last 16 pages. They come in lined or plain.

Of course they are overpriced and you pay extra for colour and perforation but they are very tempting ( particularly for female notebook junkies I suspect.

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Not yet available in US says you can pre-order them and that they will be available on or after August 22
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Seldom UK gets things before

Seldom UK gets things before the US, Hooray ;-)


i just purchased the "mini" size and am pretty excited about it. the colors are fun and this new smaller size will be a perfect companion to my cell phone. I also purchased the new 2009 monthly large. i have not seen the monthly before, so am excited to receive this entire shipment! :)

Mini is perfect for pockets

I really like the mini Volant. Like you I love the colours but also the perforated pages. I know not everyone thinks these are a good idea however they suit me. You see I use my Mini Volant to record my food intake when I'm dieting so I can just remove the brief two day attempts and start again ......

Moleskine Mini

While at borders yesterday I bought a pack of 2 black mini moleskine volant! I LOVE THEM! The fact you can tear the pages out is awesome. I totally recommend them

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