Blast from the Past

Tonight while going through old paperwork archives, I came across the original "Introduction & User's Guide" for the Geodex management system. I also found their Summer/Fall 1994 catalog.*

Some of the forms and tools used in Geodex really worked for me, so I'm going to gradually re-create updated versions using the dynamic template generator and I'll post them here as well. Many have already been done, both in the core packages and by others who've generously shared their work. I mean, notes pages are notes pages.

The planner itself was what we call Classic size, yet several of the forms were full letter size (fold in half once to fit) or full legal size (fold twice to fit). They did some interesting things with those layouts too.

I'd love to scan and post the catalog, but it's still under copyright and I cannot find a current contact to ask permission. Such is life.

* Yes, I am a packrat, I threw away a huge trash bag full of timesheets and status reports going back to 1990. But I'm a semi-organized packrat, because I knew exactly where it was and it's all in one place. :p

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Ygor says...

"Google is your friend."

He's right.

Here's a LinkedIn profile of the former COO of Geodex. Might be a start. Anthony Robbins's company bought and then discontinued Geodex, it appears. Robbins must be friends with Bill Gates or sumpin'.


Ygor is right, that's how I found out that...

the Norup's no longer control the Geodex brand and related matters. I was hoping a simple email to them could get permission to post scans. Instead, I'd have to deal with Robbins's company.

Oh yeah, I'm a googlin' fool. :)