FlyLady Hipster Forms

Hipter PDA size pages for Daily and Weekly Routines, Cleaning lists, shopping master lists and Cleaning ZONES

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Usage advice: 

I keep most of these in a recipe card box for help remembering what I need to work on daily, weekly and monthly in keeping my home organized and clean. I have the shopping and pantry list attached inside one of the cabinet doors in my kitchen with a binder ring. They are laminated so as I run out of things I can highlight them on the list and take the ring with me when I go shopping.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview); Microsoft Word
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Thanks so much! This is a

Thanks so much! This is a great idea. I'd been wishing there were something like this, all ready for my planner.

letter size?

Is it possible to get these in letter sized sheets?

I keep all my FlyStuff in a 3 ring binder, and these are -cool-...I just need 'em bigger. :)

you can print the pdf 8 1/2

you can print the pdf 8 1/2 by 11 with paper scaling, it will be a little fuzzy. Most of this is from the office control binder on that is 8 1/2 by 11. Just go to and click on table on contents for the office, holiday and FACE control binders

This is fantastic! I am

This is fantastic! I am trying to set up my own office in a bag without having to buy the expensive cover - I'm looking for a less expensive zip cover with handles. :) Thank you!

PS Paper is definitely not dead!

Office in a Bag

FLYLady's Office in a Bag appears to be nothing more than a Bible bag made larger. I've seen some Bible bags on eBay that would do the trick, but the largest size I've found so far is about 11" x 9", which probably isn't large enough for a 3-ring binder. FLYLady's $40 version measures 12" x 11.5".

Boil in the Bag Office:

Hmmm it looks like a zipped Folio to me. The type of thing departments stores hide amongst the briefcases... Most of us will probable pick up a cheap one from our stationers. However for those who wish to spend copious amounts here are the obligatory links:



Re:Boil in the Bag Office

"less expensive zip cover with handles"

I have seen these at local Costco, It was 19.95 (is here with 'Back-to-School' stuff) and includes 3 ring binder, page separateor and lots of other stuff.Looked perfect for Office in a Bag. Most importantly, it had handle, which is not common.

Flyladyhipster4up for me

I really appreciate this. I took this and shrunk it down on the copier until it all fit on the front and back of one 5x8 index card when trimmed nicely. So great to have the entire thing on one piece of paper and I can stick it in a book or in my purse. It doesn't replace the control journal, just helps keep me on track. I love this webpage and keep putting links to it in all my Facebook groups. Terrific resource. Thank you.

I love this so much!

It's 2019 and I'm back printing this again. WHY?? Because it's the smallest, easiest way to keep what I need handy. I am so glad this site is still up. There's a lot on here that is so useful. I love this simple list. I do not follow flylady, she's rather creepy, LOL, but I love this simple daily plan. Beats a giant planner any day. Thank you!!