Levenger sale -

Levenger has its 2008 agendas (letter and junior size) on sale for $4.95. I ordered a bunch... will be using the covers and rings for my notebooks and recycling/reusing the filler. At this price, it beats buying the covers/rings and/or start kits separately.

Don't forget to use the 20% coupon code that's floating around on this discussion forum!

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How do you do that?

Just curious how do you reuse/recycle the filler pages? I am always looking for ways to save but with the pages being dated it makes things a little tough. Would love to get some ideas on how to use them.

Re-purposing dated, unused agenda pages

This may not be worth the effort but I just bought a Circa 2008 agenda. I removed Jan - May and at the top of each page I wrote the word "scrap" and lightly scratched the month out, if there was a month. I tried to leave enough room to later write in "To Do" or "List".

Then I lightly crossed out each day (Mon, Tues, etc.). Finally, I put a light back slash through each day's number.

The idea is to eventually use them for throwaway lists like groceries or short term "To Do" lists. It might be easier to follow if that list is written in a color other than black, preferably blue.


used agenda pages

Like CathMac, I plan on using them for shopping lists, to-do lists, phone messages, etc.
I might cut up the pages and make a note pad.

I flip them over and cut them

So I have finally found my perfect Circa fit - the Compact Agenda - compliments of the last sale I now have all the sizes and the compact is for me. I recycle previous pages by flipping them upside down and I guillotine off a straight line just below the month (it's actually above since it's upside down) and then guillotine a straight line just to the left of the days. I end up with paper about 75% of the size which is just plain ruled paper perfect for lists and already circa punched. Might seem like a lot of work but takes me like 1 minute to do a stack and then I have already-punched blank ruled paper for lists.

Circa Agenda pages

I just turn them upside down (top at the bottom), then use them to write morning pages or journal entries. If I'm feeling especially tidy I'll mark through the name of the month and the dates, but usually don't even bother to do that since I handwrite right over the dates. No trimming, nothing. Just turn upside down and use!

Junior starter kits are on

Junior starter kits are on sale for $4.95 as well...

Compact kits are $4.95

Junior kits are $12
Junior Agendas are $4.95
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