Day 2 with Circa compact zipper folio - busting out of 1/4 discs already

Despite the fact that I offloaded the January through May agenda pages I may already be pushing the limits of the 1/4 discs and I haven't added much except for the monthly tabs for June through December. It doesn't look particularly over stuffed but some of the smurf corners are getting mangled.

So the question is whether the 1" deep folio will take 1/2" rings, or perhaps even 3/4". I'll have to check the Levenger and Rolla sites to see if there is a 3/4" option.

Any thoughts on whether it is likely to make a difference that I had intended to use quartered legal pages (4.25 x 6.75) as miscellaneous blank pages. How much is that likely to encroach on the extra space necessary for the extra space.

BTW, I had a little epiphany, it looks like Covey's compact size matches a quarter of a legal page. So if it looks like the Levenger compact folio can stand the extra width then I'll be looking into unpunched Covey pages for circafying.

Also, are there any Mac friendly 4 ups that could be tweaked to fit a legal page? Worst case scenario I may do something similar to the standard 1/4 page lined pages I once attempted in MS Word. I simply lined an entire page, printed it out and quartered it. If I'm feeling adventurous I may even explore the next frontier of two sided printing. The beauty of sticking to plain lined paper is you greatly simplify orienting the page when feeding it through again. :)

Thanks, ~Cath

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I just found the Mac version

I just found the Mac version of "One Page At A Time". I'll have to look at that more closely later.