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Excuse me is this the 12-Step Office Supply Fetish support group? ;p

After combing over this site for a few weeks I finally purchased a Junior Circa Start Kit from the Levenger online shop. While still waiting for it to arrive I begged the office manager into giving me the company Staples card so that I could go "check out" the Rollabind journals. 40 minutes and $23 later I had in my possession a Junior Rollabind notebook, a set of tabbed dividers and a refill pack of Todo List/Project Planner paper (oh and a set of multi-colored ball-point pens).

Some people have said that the Staples Rollabind products are of low quality. With that in mind I inspected every one of the Junior Rollabinds (11 total) and I found them to be very nice. The covers are heavy cardboard covered in cloth like an older hard-cover book. The rings are plastic and pretty smooth for a mass produced (lower quality?) product. And the paper is just a little heavier than standard notebook paper.

Anyway - I am very happy with my purchase and I will be even happier whn my Circa Starter Kit arrives (today I hope) and when my Rollabind hole-punch arrives next week.

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A certified Maine-iac

Welcome to the asylum, er um, group, yea that's it.


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Well, most 12-step groups

Well, most 12-step groups are trying to quit. We're here to encourage. :-)

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I have used the staples rollabind too....but....

I also went with the staples rollabind in an effort to calm myself while I waited for the Levenger package. I was pleased with the rollabind, that is until.... That package arrived! Since then I have had no desire to even look at my rollabind book which I spent a good amount of money on (a junior size and a letter size pleather cover). I bought the junior leather circa cover and it is great! The paper quality personally I think is decent although rollabind is a little darker and to me seems a little more high school like compared to the circa. The circa discs are much easier to slide the page over, rollabind has imprinted writing on theirs which causes some resistance. All in all the rollabind is not bad but when you get your hands on the circa you may change your mind. There is not much of a selection at staples unlike Levenger. Good luck!

Circa Starter Kit vs Staples Rollabind

So I got my Circa Kit with the 2008 Monthly planner refill last night.

Initial thoughts:

The Circa Covers are not as sturdy as the Rollabind Cloth/Board covers.
The Circa paper is smoother than the Rollabind.
The red/blue/yellow Rolla tabbed dividers are heavier and easier to spot then the white Circa dividers.
The Rollabind Project pages look just like the standard Circa notebook pages.
The Circa Project pages are more intuitive with a Subject, Description, a Consideration list and a Actions list.
The binder rings are pretty much the same.

What I would do differently now that I have seen the basics of both Circa and Rollabind:

Buy the Staples Rollabind notebook for the sturdy covers. $5.99
Buy the Rollabind multi colored tabbed dividers. $3.99
Buy the Circa Monthly planner re-fill. $2.95 (+ Shipping)
Buy the Circa Project re-fill pack. $10 (+ Shipping)

$5.99 Rollabind Notebook
$3.99 Rollabind Tabs
$2 Gas to drive to Staples
$2.95 Circa Monthly planner re-fill
$10 Circa Project re-fill pack
$5 Shipping
$30 +/-

Just some thoughts.