4x6 Hipster templates

Includes calendar years 2007,2008,2009; blank task forms; cover; blank week & month

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Made specifically for 4x6 index cards

Creative Commons
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2007.pdf315.23 KB
2008.pdf149.05 KB
2009.pdf152.8 KB
Actions.pdf199.58 KB
Cover.pdf827.01 KB
Home2.pdf428.08 KB
Monthly.pdf436.35 KB
Numbers.pdf261.46 KB
Project.pdf202.44 KB
Tasks.pdf445.21 KB
Waiting For.pdf217.9 KB
Weekly-L.pdf455.59 KB
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very, very nice

I wish I could make my Dynamics look this good.
What software did you use to make these, please ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Thank you & answer to ygor's question

Aw, shucks! Thanks for the great feedback!!! I used Microsoft Publisher 2003 and PDF Creator to convert them to pdf. All the clipart came from Microsoft, although I recolored some so it would go better with my color theme.

I just got a retro modern font that got me thinking of doing another set, not to mention I have classic size planner pages that I have just begun.

Absolutely Gorgeous

Inspirational or spirit-crushing?

I'm an optimist, I can do something like this too. :)

Create monthly calendars

How do you create the monthly calendars? In Publisher, Excel, or Word. What is the process?


These are absolutely beautiful! I find that if you have fun and exciting planner pages, you may be more apt to use them. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us!

Enjoy your day,
nay nay

Thank you!

Star, your templates are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing them
mary ann

Thank you !

Thank you very much for sharing.


Truly. I don't even use hipsters, and now I'm tempted by your template!


Ikea boxes?

Wow these look great and amazingly I have cardboard boxes I bought from Ikea last year that exactly match in the burgundy color. I love that Damask pattern thank you so much for making templates with it. Beautiful!!