Geodex-style Weekly To-do

Done with the Widget Generator.

The paper size is 1/2 (vertical) of a classic size page (2.75" wide x 8.5" tall).

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One of the nifty things about the long-gone Geodex system was that you could see your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendars all at once. This form is my version of the weekly to-do list, and is designed to be punched on the right hand edge. If you use daily forms on the right side of your planner, this sits on the other side of the rings so you can see all those things you need to accomplish for the week, and can transfer to your daily forms at will.

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I really like this idea and the template you have desinged is well planned and very simple - simple is good!

Thank you for sharing this with us!

Enjoy your day,
nay nay

Should have mentioned

For the top two sections - "Key Tasks" and "Quick Tasks" - you can use the shaded areas for setting the priority and/or time estimate.

For the "Phone - See - Write" section, a simple "P", "S" or "W" in the shaded area gives you more room on the line for the reminder.

Geodex Weekly To Do

Thanks for this form. I was an avid Geodex user and wish the system were still around. The time management principles and system worked together seamlessly and kept me on top of all my action items at work and at home. This definitely helped me stand out from the crowd.