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How do you categorise and sort your notes in your notebooks?
I keep two notebooks for work right now - one keeps an orderly, daily account of the tasks I should do and the tasks I did.
The other is a notebook for general notes, and here I employ a variety of formats to keep my notes separate and well-defined.

For one, I highlight my phone numbers in yellow; it was a major pain to find a particular number when I had to do it snappy.

After I finish a note, I tend to put a line across the page for it, just to keep things from mixing. I am not a big fan of coloured ink when it comes to quick jotting down of orders, so it can be a little hard to differentiate unless I kept them in their separate lined cages.

As well as doing that, I put a highlighted-green date on the top left corner of the page so I can find my way around.

I am still figuring out a satisfactory way for adding information to an older note. So far I resorted to using loose sheets of paper to include more information there, but it's a hassle, since I always keep those in the office, they're not always with me. Leaving space seems wasteful to me...
I thought maybe I could leave an index at the back, like I did with my old school notes, and refer to the subject, leave a number, then come back to it to add more numbers when there's a follow up.

So, I want to hear your know-hows in the noting department!

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Two note books too

I have a conference note book, which is circafied. Notes get archived and other papers added after being smurfed. I also have a moleskine notebook for every other note. I use infra references in it to keep track of all that I need to add if there is no more space to add info on the relevant page. "See also p. X" on the original note and "See also page A" on the additional page. On bigger projects, I can have several see also's, but it works for me. No loose leaves. They are evil because they never want to stay. They always try to escape.


my work notebook works similarly to what you've described with 2.5 differences:

1. I use a project manager pad (Ampad brand or Cambridge) which has lines but a slim, open notation area on the right of each page. That gives me a place for a call out or notes later or, at the very least, lets me remind myself where the rest of the info is.

2. I do a mini-review once a week or so to check for loose ends or things I may have forgotten.

2.5. Pages that are completely finished (i.e. I'm only keeping them as a record/reference) get a large blue checkmark during the review.