RSS Feed for Templates Directory

Hi, I would like to know how i can create a rss feed for the Templates Directory for my google reader.
When i select the orange feed icon, I get asked to open a file type called "feed" and to assign a program to it?
Can someone please provide the url so i can assign it directly via google reader.

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try right clicking

Try right clicking on it, and see if one of the options is to copy the url to the clipboard. If so, then choose that, go to Google Reader, click on the add feed link, and paste into that the url. That should work.


Tried but still didn't work

Hi Jon, Tried as you suggested by the i'm still getting requested to open the 'Feed' program. the url displayed is www dot diyplanner dot com slash node slash feed

from Google Reader???

You are getting this when you paste the url into Google Reader's own "Add Subscription" link? Or are you pasting it else where?

It would help to have more info on what is happening when you do what--oh, and what operating system and browser you are using.

One other thought. The RSS button on the templates page will only show comments on that page, not new templates. I'm trying to figure out how to find the "New templates" feed, and if and when I do, I'll post it here. :-)


Thanks, I'll wait

Jon, Thanks for looking into the feed. The 'New' templates is what I'm looking for so I'll wait until somebody can find it or create one.
Cheers Tammy

There isn't one!

Sorry, but I couldn't find a feed just for new templates! Does anybody know if there is a feed so that when somebody posts a new template, it shows up in an RSS reader (like Google Reader)? Now that Tammy has brought it up, I would really like to have that! ;-) (besides the fact, I just discovered several templates I haven't seen before. I thought they were supposed to show up on the recent posts page!)