Paper and folio and stuff

In my constant obsession for cooler office supplies, I came across this office supply website (no affiliation): seejanework.
A couple of things got my attention. 50lb Recycled notebook paper. (3-hole punched) 50 sheets for $7.00. (I wish it were not punched so I could smurf it). They have a variety of M.O. products that let you build your own folio (see Put it together guides).

I can imagine having lots of fun with M.O. Pen Pockets, CD Pockets, Business Pockets, Document Pockets, and the Start Here Adhesive Pockets. Their prices on their art boxes are also good (I am the anti-scrapbooker, I use these instead--one box, per child, per year of school, for momentos).

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that's some expensive paper

Did you say $7 for 50 sheets? I will assume it is 8.5 X 11 in size. You can get a ream of much nicer paper than that for way less than .14/sheet.

Many people on the fountain pen network like HP 32 pound paper.

We use Hammermill Color Copy 60 pound Cover (163gsm), 98 Brightness, and pay just over 5 cents per 11X17 sheet. It is available at Arvey Paper.

Also, recycled papers tend to have less brightness.


Paper details

Out of curiosity, I followed the link and found the paper is 100 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11" paper for the $7.00...still not a great price but better than if it was just 50 sheets for that size!

you are correct

You are absolutely correct. I should have followed the link first. But still, 7 cents/sheet... quite expensive for even recycled paper.