But... I love sticky notes

How else would anyone in my family know the dishes in the dishwasher are clean? And how would my husband know to turn on the dryer if I didn't put a sticky note on the computer monitor?

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Spray paint would work...



"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


I've seen clean/dirty magnets for dishwashers--the two words are printed so that only one is 'right side up' at a time. You just stick it to the dishwasher and turn it right way up for the situation.

On the dryer thing, well, a magnet would certainly get his attention if it would actually stick to the monitor.. :)


no magnetic, just sticky

No dishwasher I've yet owned has had a service magnets stick to. I guess that says something about the quality of my appliances :-)

The computer is a Mac so the monitor and the computer are co-located. If I managed to stick a magnet to that I'm sure I'd get dh's attention. Of course, the man just talked his boss into getting him a Mac book air, so I'm not real sympathetic on computer stuff.

I still feel that sticky notes are _not_ 1995, 2000 maybe. I don't mind being 8 years behind the planning curve, but I don't think I'm 13 years behind. The 5 years make a big difference.

At a writing conference last year one writer had a planning/writing system based on sticky notes. She had a spiral notebook with black paper in which she put colorful sticky notes. It was very pretty. She was constantly added, deleted, and moving them around. I loved it so much I tried to emulate it, but just couldn't manage it. Maybe I'm not organized enough for sticky notes :-(


OK, all the dishwashers I've had in the last 10 years were magnetic. I wonder if my next trade up will be nonmagnetic. :)

Sticky notes have their place, but I don't like them for critical stuff. The sticky part fails at the *worst* times.

I'll tell you what I am liking a lot though these days, and that's the command adhesive stuff from 3M. They've got little clippy things for holding papers. I just stuck five of them to an upright edge of my desk to hold family photos. You could also use them 'order up' style for a 3x5 card system. This would free you from sticky notes, since the clip is stuck on the surface for a longer term. There's also cable clips, velcro-like picture hangers, and of course the hooks. I love them for my desk because I don't want to drill holes in my beautiful reversible pieces (Legarefurniture.com).

Anyway, the black paper with neon stickies *would* be pretty--I love that combination, personally--but I hate the thought of a sticky popping off and fluttering away in, say, the dentist's office. I might like it better if a larger proportion of the paper was covered by adhesive--say 75% instead of 20% or less. OTOH, not getting the bright rectangles in perfect alignment would annoy my perfectionist side. :)


In my house

We have a big black board where all the messages go.

This said, one of my students' favorite organizational tools are post-its and she manages quite well.

I just hope you recycle the notes after use...

recycled stickys

Well, the recycle center is the top of the dishwasher, so it makes putting the notes there very easy. We do keep using the same one until the sticky is gone. My husband can't stand sticking anything permanently anywhere, so most of my other ideas on clean/dirty signage is pretty much out.

I've also got sticky notes made out of recycled paper. They come in some fun colors.

I just realized that once They change the DIY Planner banner back, my notes here are going to look strange (if they don't already).

The things you don't see

Wow, I didn't even see the banner change.

This after I spent the whole evening playing hide and seek with three year olds who can walk right past me without seeing me (when I'm fully lit and standing upright). They can even see me in a pile of stuffed animals and not realize it's me until they've *completely* uncovered me.

The things you don't see. *shakes head*

You see what you expect to see, and I haven't looked at that banner and actually read it for many weeks. I wonder what I missed?


Gravity helps

We must be using cheapo stickies because they fall off vertical surfaces. So we put family notes to each other on the floor of our main entrance. No one misses them.