Pen pal?

My 7 year old daughter amazingly shares my love of the perfect writing paper and gel pens. She is amazing when it comes to writing stories and has made book after book of her own. She loves to write so much that she writes letters to her friends and wants to send them but we see them before she can so it is according to her "no fun". So I remembered back when I was her age it was so much fun to have a pen pal. These days kids dont seem to do that as much because they can just email each other. Although I remember the anticipation every time the mail man came. I would run out to see if there was a letter for me, so I can read it and write back. I noticed that there are members from all over the world on here and thought maybe someone has a daughter around the same age who is interested in being her pen pal.


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What about a son?

I have a 7-year-old son living in the boring old US. He hates writing (and I write fantasy novels as a hobby), but according to his teacher we are supposed to encourage him to write. A pen pal would be fun. I remember having a few all over the world.

Email me my clicking on my user name if you are interested.

A boy would be fine too...

Great, I realized wrote daughter but a son would be fine too. She loves to write and may even encourage him to write if he enjoys having a pen pal. I will email you. My daughter is so excited to get pen pals all over the world, its great especially over the summer while she is out of school.

Pen pals for grown-ups too?

I also would love to have a pen-pal though i'm an adult. I think we may start something here, for all of us who just *love* the perfect exhibition of pen on paper.

Anyone who wants a pen-pal [female, 29, IT] is very welcome to PM me!