O D Index Card Holders

So, I just happened to HAVE to go to Office Depot today for work and of course had to look through all of the new school supplies that are starting to show up.

I found two index card holders that I have not seen before. I put them on Flickr : link

The first is called a Note Card case and has a spot for an index card on the front and back. The inside pocket holds 25 cards (that come with the case). The only thing I can think of that I may not like about this case is that the "holders" that hold the cards on the front and back are kind of big so you cannot see a lot of the card. I think this might be the case with most cases though... COST: $1.99

The second is called a Trapper Index Card Holder and says it holds up to 70 cards. It fits in a standard 3 ring binder and has six storage pockets inside. For my purposes, I think I am going to cut of the 3-ring section as I just want it to hold cards, not to put in a binder... COST: $ 1.79

Fun day at Office Depot = Check it out!

nay nay :)

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I now have a reason...

A reason to stop at office depot. I was trying to avoid going there for a while but I saw your pictures and love it. I have never seen one like that and it is just my color, black. For the price you cant go wrong. You may have just saved me lots of $$ since I was thinking of buying a pocket briefcase from levenger once the price went down a little more. Thanks for sharing.

I bet a little judicious trimming

with an x-acto knife or single-edge razor could expose more card to view. Maybe cut a shallow 'v' into the top and bottom holders so they did most of the work at the corners. Or perhaps just shortening the holders along the top and bottom.

For a buck ninety-nine, you can afford to experiment. :)

And please let us know if you try it and how it's working out for you. That price can't be beat!

Yes... I agree...

I think it would be pretty simple to make some adjustments to this product. I am loving the Trapper Card Holder. I cut off the section that has the holes punched, so now it just looks like a small book with folders inside. I am choosing an "area" for each of those sections. For example, Garden, Holidays, Archive (to put past months & to do lists), etc. Should be a great little hipster! :)

Cool Stuff

Thanks so much for the heads up. I'm consolidating a bunch of my novel notes into one three-ring binder and the Trapper Keeper index card holder is perfect. (I'm getting ready to start a massive rewrite). I passed near Office Depot which is even open on this, most US, of holidays and I had to run in a get it. The woman at the cash register, who already thinks I'm nuts from previous visits, looked at the card holder and said it looked really nice. I mentioned I'd read about it here and just had to come in and get one. I wish I could photograph some of the looks I get.

I'm glad I'm normal here :-)

I got those looks at Staples

When I came in with the SKU for the Rolla notebook I wanted. They couldn't find it in the store or computer and I said "But I have the SKU" (enter the looks :) )

We are the normal ones

I did hold back from the cashier that I'd seen pictures on Flicker. Who looks over pictures of office supplies trying to find a need that will justify the purchase?

I have two Staples and two Office Maxes in the area, so I can spread out my insanity a bit. But there is only one Office Depot around here, so it is harder to hide.

New OD - Vertical 3X5s?

What caught my attention was the portrait-oriented layout of the 3x5 index cards....
It appears that the vertical ruled cards were included with the Office Depot wallet, right? [Hard to find, ya know -- unless paying the Levenger premium.)

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act,
but a habit." - Aristotle


...the vertical 3X5's were included - only 25 of them though... I agree that they are very hard to find and even when I print my own, they just aren't the same! I wish this would become a norm again as I really like the vertical format!

Couldnt find it

I checked at my office max and they didnt have your handy dandy cool notecard holder for 1.99. I was totally bummed! I guess I will just have to keep checking maybe they will have it online.


I found mine at Office Depot not Max. Do you have one of those??

Veritical 3x5s at Staples

I found some 3x5 cards in the "M by Staples" line. They are cream colored with brownish lines. Ruled on one side and gridded on the other. You can see a picture at the link below in the jotter they sell (top left picture on the screen). I don't remember how much I paid for a pack of these, but the only issue I have is trying to decide which side to use first.

M by Staples


I didn't know the "M" products were now available online at Staples! I know I checked into this before, but I guess it has been a while since I have gone back! Thanks for the heads up!

Not today

Ventured out in the torrential down pour to Staples and headed straight to the "M" table. No index cards. Back to the index card section - not there either. Hopefully they are still making their way into stores. I did pick up some shiny nice new pens and pencils.

The "M" table

is where I found the index cards. Sorry it was a wasted trip in the rain.

The product number is 724324 if that helps at all.


Hey -it's my own sickness that sent me out! And all is not lost, I"m enjoying my new writing tools. Thanks for the item number. I can't get it to come up on the website. I will wait patiently for my next trip!

These are nice

I know that this is months after the fact, but I either missed or forgot about this topic when I was killing time in my local Staples the other morning. These cards are nice: not the most expensive stock by far, but vertically lined on the front and gridded on the back, with margins to allow for inserting into one of their "jotter"-type products, but which also make them ideal for smurfing along that edge without chopping into something you might have written.

They're now part of my carrying-around set, and hold up to my fountain pens just fine without feathering. I'm sold!

Staples M Line

After reading your post this morning, I decided to stop by Staples on my way to work and what do I find?? Everything on the M table is Buy One, Get One FREE!!! Granted, it had to be the same item, but I got 2 of their Notebooks and 2 packs of the Vertical index cards you mentioned. I don't know if this is going on everywhere, but it sure is in Waterloo, IA!! Nice stuff too. Good quality leather and cloth journals in varying sizes, Laptop bags, just about everything organizational in the M line. Too bad the stationary wasn't included too!

Try Staples

I buy my vertical 3x5s at my local Staples. They have them in a pad. Can't remember what I paid last time I bought -- just that I was surprised at how inexpensive they were.

Also at OfficeMax

I stumbled across these at OfficeMax as well. When you only put a dozen or so cards in, it's almost the exact same size and thickness as a Moleskine journal notebook, so it's very portable and pocketable.

I was tempted but...

I was tempted to buy one of these but here's what I did instead.

I bought blank 4x6 cards and a album post. You know, the kind you get at Michaels for scrapbooking.

I cut the 4x6 blank cards in half and punched a single hole the size of the post into the lower left corner about 1/2 in from the left and the bottom.

I put 45 cards on the post and screwed them together.

I use mine for flashcards. I can one-handedly fan the cards while walking or wait in line (never driving, no never, never, never).

I suppose you could do the same with a full stack of blank 3x5s. You could even put some cardboard on either side to protect them better. Or you could even ... well, you get the idea.

The stack of cards provide enough support to write on them.
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