Great Idea!

How about a page in your planner to document your day-to-day life... and allow you to get creative?

Found this and thought what a great way to doodle myself into remember what happened when! I'd love to look back on these pages and see where my busy life took me since I can't remember earlier today let alone earlier this month! Enjoy!


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What a great and creative and artistic way to journal! Boy, I wish I could draw - maybe I could use stickpeople? ha ha Great link - thanks Sara!

try it

you should totally try it hun! you might unleash your inner artist~! :D

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Let's hope so...

I think I will try it! Let's hope that inner artist just explodes! :) If nothing else, it will be fun to laugh at myself and my funny drawings!

Thanks for the inspiration and the push!
nay nay

I wonder...

would you have any interest in a 'challlenge' type thing? ... like we challenge ourselves and others to do a doodle a day (and provide a template) ... and then at the end of the month we share the results on flickr?

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Sounds Fun!

I think that sounds like fun! I am in! :) Although, I know I will be embarrased, but I don't care!

Who else is in??

I'm in!

Sounds like fun!


I don't have a template and this weekend won't offer much free time (esp at my comp) ... how about we just follow the "one month of events doodled in your chosen manner, ideally in one-frame-per-day format"?

I'm excited about this!

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Do it on index cards ?

put a date on each card, of course
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Might be a bit hard...

To take a picture of all of them at once... :) But go crazy with it! Let's all play show-n-tell the first weekend of August or as soon after as possible (for those out of town, with commitments, etc.)

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