Does anyone have the bookcloth Circa notebooks from Levenger?

I've got a couple of them, and I just noticed the corners on my letter-sized notebook is starting to fray. I've only owned it about 3 months, and the notebook has been used very gently. It's never been taken out of the room, and it spends most of its time stored on a shelf.

Do any of you have them? Have you had problems with them? Maybe I just got a lemon...

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Maybe a lemon

I have two - one junior sized and one PDA. The PDA one has been in my purse for many months and it doesn't look the worse for wear and my purse is a rough and tumble place at times :-).

The junior sized one is relatively new but I've been throwing it in my laptop bag for a few weeks now and it looks fine.

Thanks, rfe.

Maybe I'll give Levenger a call tomorrow and ask about a replacement.

Yep, worn corners

I have a compact size, blue, whose corners are coming undone. I have, however, come to the conclusion that I'm rough on my tools. I try not to be, but just about every notebook or cover or computer I own, gets scratched and bruised. Thankfully, the Renaissance Art Circa cover I'm using at the moment is not only tough, but looks good with a few dents and marks.

If you do call Levenger, let me know what they say. I never thought of doing that, I just blamed myself.

I contacted Levenger

They said I could return my fraying notebook for a refund or exchange. I decided I'd return it for full credit of my purchase price and just buy one of the leather ones. I didn't want to get another bookcloth one only to have it start fraying in a couple of months. They are supposed to send me a fedex label I can print out for the return, but I haven't gotten it yet.

Sounds like good customer service