Circa Compact

Can anyone comment on how the Circa covers (Zip Folio, Foldover, and Jacket) fit the Compact size? I have the Junior Agenda and the Zipfolio, as someone mentioned in another post, is a good 33-50% bigger than the agenda so it cuts down on the portability significantly. I keep my new Compact Agenda in my purse -I'd like to put it in something nicer than the plastic covers, but don't want to end up with the same issue I have with my Junior.

Thanks in advance!

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Do the math...

I went to the Levenger website and got the measurements:

JR. FOLIO: 8 x 10"
JR. NOTEBOOK: 6 5/16 x 8 5/8"

COMPACT FOLIO: 5 3/4 x 8 1/4"

Looks like the junior and compact sizes have a similar difference between height of the notebook and height of the folio leading me to believe you'd have about equal dwarfing of your notebook and notebook slippage either way.

A long time ago, Doug mentioned this problem and made a larger back cover for his notebook to stop the slippage. This still leaves you with the inefficiency of carrying a much larger thing around to have the use of the same amount of notebook. This is one of my major gripes with Levenger. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the leather and the way it feels but HATE carrying around something so big so I ultimately ended up using my folio as an archive at home and never carrying it out anywhere.