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I am currently using 3-ring binder to keep track of my project....documents, emails, notes, etc.

Question I have, does anyone know if there is software available which I can use in place off 3ring binder?



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Mac or Windows?

For Macs, DevonThink fits your requirements.


I like DevonThink, and use it, but for the sake of options, I would add Journler. IMO, it's not as fast as Devon, but you might prefer (if you use Macintosh) how it is organized. Also, there's Circus Ponies, MacJournal, and a couple others. ;-)

Actually, regardless of whether you use a Mac of Windows, there is www.versiontracker.com that you can go to, enter your search terms, and see what turns up. It's a great resource.




I use EssentialPIM on my windows-based machines. There's a portable version that runs from a thumb drive if you don't want to install anything on your PCs.

It's got a schedule, to do list, contacts, and notes.

The notes use a 'leaves' and 'branches' metaphor to help you organize them. For example, I have a branch for my password hints to various websites, and I have leaves for each letter of the alphabet. So each page is quite short and if I print the entire branch the leaves print with headers between each one.

It's a wysiwyg editor on the Notes pages, so it's less of a pain to learn than, for example, a personal wiki. You can also paste in snippets from the web or from email and they'll retain most of their formatting. Embedded images and hyperlinks work too.

I really like it as my in-computer master, and I can print out any portion to be my offline reference copy. It'll automatically make backup copies of the files, and the thumb drive version will copy files to a particular path on the computer so you have an extra copy off the drive itself--if you want it to.

There's a free version and a paid version. I sprang for the paid version, personally, but the free version is cool too.