Hello everybody

New here today.
The book I have used for the last 30 years isnt really a planner so much as an organizer and referance book.
I have 2 6¾ x 3¾ binders (Not the over sized padded, zippered and buckled monsters) I use one at home for addresses, phone numbers, check register, etc. The other one (and very important one) is for work. I am a railroad engineer and keep it clipped to the control stand. It contains track profiles, time tables, log book, fog charts, etc.

What lead me to this site is I ran out of blank pages for my binders and no where to buy them. It looks like I may be changing sizes. I am really liking what I see in the 8½ x 5½ circa/Rolli. This can be opened and folded back maintaining its closed size so it will still fit on a control stand and I can use larger print.

Also many thanks to those who have posted templates for isometric graph paper. I have been looking for more of this for years! Now I can print it out as needed and also put it in my books.

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you job sounds so interesting!

Glad you have found your way here! welcome and enjoy!

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Thanks, Sara My job is

Thanks, Sara

My job is actually pretty boring. The only time it is interesting is when something goes wrong. That is never fun.


I do not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
I have Obsessive Compulsive Order.