Better Filler Paper from Mead

For those of you who like standard American school "filler" paper, Mead makes a really nice reinforced version that's better quality than the usual stuff. There's also quad paper. I have both kinds. And, amazingly, I can write on them with my fountain pen with no bleed-through. (Lamy Vista extra-fine point, loaded with Levenger Amethyst ink.) If I hold the page up to the light, I can barely make out the writing on the other side. It's nice.

The "reinforced" part is the glossy strip down the left side. Keeps the page from tearing out of binder rings easily. The only problem is that the strip says "reinforced" on it in very light red and could annoy some people. I'm not really bothered by it, though.

I'm impressed with the paper quality. It's the best filler paper I've ever run across. My Lamy Vista likes it, as does my Pilot G2 Pro (XF blue refill).

I got both the college-ruled and quad paper at my local Office Depot, in the Flex NoteBinder display. (And I'm still digging my NoteBinder, by the way. Awesome toy. Uh, notebook. I'm using it daily for my studies, plus taking notes in it on books I'm reading.)

The MSRP is $4.95 a pack (100 count for the quad, 110 for the college-ruled). Definitely a little more expensive than most filler paper, but I think the quality's worth it.

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