Circa in San Francisco?


Does anyone know where Circa might be sold in San Francisco? Or maybe one of the similiar products, Rollabind or Myndology?

And on another (new user) note: To repeat what is said over and over again in the new members forum - thank you for this site! I've given my notice at work and have a bit of senioritus... so I've had lots of time to explore the many options for my new organization system. I'm heading to grad school and this has been a great opportunity to think about upcoming priorities, projects, and schedules. And how I'm going to manage it all!

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Sadly, there are no Levenger

Sadly, there are no Levenger stores in San Francisco. It's probsbly just as well, as I'd be in there every week, spending a small fortune. It's a little easier to restrain myself when there isn't a store within several hundred miles.

As far as I know, Rollabind and Myndology products are available only on the web or by mail order. If I'm wrong about that, someone please correct me! :-)

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Nothing in the Bay Area as far as I know, unless you chance upon a scrapbooking store that might sell the 12-smurf-punch and discs. I just bought mine online, using one of the coupon codes that was floating around at the time. Discs came from MC2Office, and I've got enough to last me for ages.

Staples carries Rollabind notebooks if you want to get your feet wet: check in their "executive notebooks" section. The two near me carry the letter and compact sizes with the bookcloth covers, plus paper refills and tabs. It's not quite DIY, but it's cheaper than buying into the system and then deciding that you don't like it.


You might check Staples - some stores do carry Rollabind.

I was introduced to the disk binding option at a local Staples and it has become quite unhealthy to my pocketbook as I've discovered Levenger off this site.

So - check Staples - they should be in SF or it's peripherals...