Levenger Tysons Corner Store

I was finally able to visit a Levenger store and let me tell you I was excited! On my way to North Carolina to get married we stopped there at Tysons Corner. I was amazed at the store, although it was smaller than I had expected it had everything I wanted to see. My daughter who loves to read and write...my aspiring author was just as elated as I was. She did not want to leave the store. I drooled over the circa bar and was able to make a new notebook for free to take with me. They even gave my daughter her own compact circa, which made her day! I was helped by a nice and informative salesman named Ricardo. He was very professional and very helpful. I was telling him that I have been a circa user for a while and try to get my fellow classmates into it as well. I am currently back in school for my RN which I will complete in December. Circa helps me to be able to organize my notes and keep my planner the way I want it. He then gave me an extra sample of a circa notebook to pass on to a friend which I did. As we were leaving the store and my daughter was telling him how she likes to write stories he even gave her a notepad so she could write on the long drive home. All in all I spent a small chunk of money but gained a lot more. I always praised Levengers customer service and now I realize that it seems to be a company theme. To take care of the customer, make them feel important and that will keep them coming back. If only every company would realize that. So often people point out the bad rather than praise the good. I am a firm believer in letting everyone know the good as well.

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= Jealous

I'm seriously envious of those of you near (or who pass by) stores! I"m in North Carolina - nothing close by - and don't travel enough to get to one! Some day perhaps. If we have a Levenger person listening - we need more stores!!!

Or, perhaps someday, Levenger could create a line for an office supply store which would obviously destroy the premium nature of the brand, but if it were a separate line, maybe to compete with "M" by Staples or whatever, it would certainly gain a bigger following from the general public. And feed my addiction.

I agree

When I got hooked on Circa I thouht maybe it was available at other stores as well but...nope. I would love for them to open more stores and closer ones to me as well. I live in pennsylvania and dont often travel either so when we decided to get married in North Carolina with my husbands family it dawned on me. The Levenger store! I looked it up and amazingly it was right off an exit that we pass. I think if it were more accessable then a whole lot more people would begin to use it and appreciate the versatility of circa.