Business Notebook Suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

I've been looking for a LONG TIME now for the perfect organization/notebook system. Ideally, I'd like to combine a note-taking section with a to-do list and in my dream world, there would also be a phone message log....I've been using the Behance Action Book with some success. I'm not interested in a Moleskine or any other blank notebook option....

Does anyone have any suggestions??



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I think this could be something for you. There are many different sizes to choose, and if you get the blank tabs you could name them whatever you want. And with the dynamic templates and ready-made ones in the templates section, and some bought from filofax if you like, you can probably find what you need. There are nice leather binders but also much cheaper ones if you just want to try it out. I have a personal size (blue piazza) and I love it. look at or

just so happen

I've been tempted by the Daily Planner's sale area... How nice a filofax would be... but I can't bring myself to abandon my recent return to the weekly moleskine n circa combo... LINK

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Diy Planner?

Sounds like making your own custom using the Diy planner templates would be perfect. They have templates that would fit the bill....

I'm in the UK but here Paperchase do good notebooks with different sections. They are based in Borders so aybe you can get them in the US. Also Oxford International do different ranges of real good quality notebooks that I use for work.

For me a to do list just needs lines with margins so I dont use anything special for that

try the uncalendar

Go to I have used their landscape-layout, 2-page per week format to plan my wedding and sketch out the contents of a book. The right-hand side features the calendar page and the left has enough "blank idea boxes" to craft in any fashion you like. Try colored post-its labeled with your planning elements until you find the format that works for you. This planner can be started any time during the year...mine currently is a journal and self-improvement tool.


RE: Uncalendar

Thanks Christine....that's an interesting product;

I'd actually prefer just an entire notebook of just the NotesystemPaper; I don't need the Calendar since I use Outlook for that....



Jim When you say you use

When you say you use Outlook for your calendar, do you print it so you can see it and then does it fit in your Circa or NotesystemPaper you mentioned? I'm looking for a notebook system too and find that I have to print my outlook calendar so I can view if better than on my PDA when I'm out of the office.

Would anyone have any advice on how to coordinate the printed calendar into some notebook system?


Calendar print and circa

I just revamped my system - again! (surprise,surprise). I carry a letter-sized foldover circa for work. I print my weekly calendar (LotusNotes)on letter-sized paper - but I format it so that it measures about 4 x 6. I use the rest of the page to write my to-do list for the week (by context). This calendar/to-do list is on the left facing page, with the right-facing page reserved for notes and daily must-do's. This right page is usually just lined note paper. Has been working all of this month, so far. With any luck *this* will be the format to make all of my organization and productivity goals come true -- yeah, right!


Some thoughts

I've been using a franklin covey planner for 5 years now in business, customizing as needed.
My thoughts:
Use any N-ring planner you like.
I use alphabet tabs to keep track of subject matter (by matter title) with blank note paper in each section. When I get too many matters in a particular tab, I use stickies to create additional tabs (hasn't happened often). Clear out particular matters when they're done/concluded.

To-Do list:
I use the plastic pocket insert (in franklin covey land, this is the pocket for the "Daily Compass"), and keep a running to-do list, updated weekly, in the clear plastic pocket. I keep the pocket (you can move it around in the clips removably onto the binder rings) clipped into the note section I'm working on at the time, as a marker to get me back to the notes I was taking.

Phone log:
I use a second plastic pocket insert, turned upside down, so that it sticks out of the bottom of the paper that makes up my binder, in a section tabbed "Phone Log". I keep blank note sheets in the log, and simply jot down notes from phone calls, messages, etc. as the occur, using the second pocket insert in a way so that I always flip open to a new blank sheet for taking notes.