Pleasantly Surprised by Circa


I am new. I am also glad to have found a place where people take "working writing" seriously. It's been great browsing the templates and forums.

I saw Circa when it was introduced and thought it was a gimmick. I noticed that Levenger had Circa around for over a decade and still thought it was a gimmick. Reading the posts here, however, convinced me to spend $4.95 on an agenda book.

It came yesterday. I took it out of the wrapper, went upstairs, and threw it down the hallway to hit the wall on the far end, where it slid off the telephone table onto the floor.

I then picked it up by three or four open pages, so that the covers hung down on either side, and carried it to the top of the stairs. I tossed it high up, so that it crashed down on the stairs and slid to the bottom.

I picked it up by a cover and flung it from the landing down to the entry room floor, where it smacked into a bookshelf and hit the carpet.

Not one page came loose. A 3-ring would have been broken. I'm very impressed.

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Welcome! Come in, make yourself at home.

[Stage whisper] Psst! Nobody make DAG mad. S/he plays ROUGH! [/stage whisper]


I just thought it would be fun to abuse a fine expensive piece of office equipment.

I raised the circa high above my head
And just as I was about to bring the
notebook crashing down upon the center of the bed
My father woke up, screaming stop!
Wait a minute! Stop it boy! What do you think your doing?
Thats no way to treat an expensive planning instrument
And I said, *** damn it Daddy,
You know I love you,
but youve got a hell of a lot to learn
about rock n roll!"


I always did like that song...

quite impressive!

But I don't think anyone's ever tested Circa with quite that criteria before! :-)

I'm glad it held up, however. It shows its strengths in many ways, even the "less obvious" ones. Now, to try it in real-life use.


Thanks for the reply. I look

Thanks for the reply.

I look forward to using it for its intended purpose.


English male?

Just joking. Wild life you must lead.

I've ordered a couple of Atoma notepads to have a look at this much talked about system-should be circa forums ;-)

I can see some of the advantages but if you're in Europe it's not that feasible an option without a lot of money. It would seem that a punch is fairly essential but they're expensive.

Anyway I buy several notebooks a year and never dropped any of them down a staircase. Tomorrow's Sunday, quiet day I may throw them all down


I'm not English, I'm Uhmurkin.

To look at it, I figured that the circa system was for fussy old ladies. I was wrong. Don't mean George Washington was wrong, though.


Scarily there could be English genetics there then....

Must admit I hadn't visualised an Uhmurkin carrrying a circa notepad. This site never ceases to amaze me :-)

And I thought I was tough!

I beat my Circa planner to within a scrap of existence. They get shoved into my knitting bag, deep among the needles (never fewer than 10 pointy ends to contend with - I knit socks). They get thrown on the kitchen counter. The cats sit on them. The get dropped off the table. They get kicked under the seat of my van. They get random foods dropped/squished/spilled on them (I'm a mom).

And they still go to business meetings with me, with all pages intact.

But I've never hurled one against the wall. Nor have I pitched one down the stairs.

maybe I should be the one who throws it out the window of a moving vehicle? Just to see if it keeps its pages??

Ah, the old "American Tourister Luggage" Test


For those of you that do not understand, Link
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I remember that ad. :-) One

I remember that ad. :-) One must admit, it made the point quite effectively.

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

Next Up

John Cameron Swayze straps a circa to the propeller of the Queen Mary. ;)