:) Hello!

I'm Jessica and I'm 20 years old. I'm a first time mommy to a baby boy!

I'm already addicted to this website! After the recent crash of my windows vista(it just about happened today) and losing EVERYTHING on my pda(and a few tears and yelling at the dell computer people!)...i decided to go back to my paper planner. I'm somewhat addicted because my every life detail is kept in my red day one planner! I cant wait to look around on this website some more! :)

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Welcome to the support group...

...meaning we support you in your addiction, NOT support you in trying to overcome it! There are an unbelievable number of resources on this site. Oh...we LOVE pictures too, if you'd like to post pictures (and/or talk about) your current set-up and what works for you. Hope you'll enjoy being part of the community.

im sure ill love it! haha

im sure ill love it! haha and i love my addiction!!


And congratulations on your lil boy!
...remember its never too early to let them toddle around the office supply sections of your favorite shops! ;P
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