Did someone mention Jott.com?

My new goal in life is to S.I.M.P.L.I.F.Y! I have too much stuff in a pretty small house and cannot find anything when I need it. I figure that anything I can do to help simplify my life may also benefit you – my D*I*Y friends. So, my stories and posts are hopefully going to be filled with simple yet effective tools for you to use in your everyday life (if you so choose!).

I figured since someone had mentioned Jott.com in my last post, I would begin here.

Jott.com... A FREE service that converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments. Their Tag Line: “Get Simple Back.” Love it!

How does it work? First you go to the site and sign up for a free account. It will walk you through the steps of adding the people you want on your jott list. For example, I have the following set up: “me” = my work email address, “home” = my home email address and “Bob” = my boss.

How do you “Jott”? Here is an example that I did on Saturday afternoon when sitting outside in my gazebo (the thought popped into my head and all I had by my side was my phone):

You: Call 866-JOTT-123
Jott: Who do you want to Jott?
You: Me
Jott: Beep!
You: Type up meeting minutes from Thursday.
Jott: Got it.
Jott: Do you want a reminder?
You: Yes
Jott: For what day?
You: Monday
Jott: For what time?
You: 9
Jott: AM or PM?
You: AM
Jott: Setting reminder for Monday, July 14, 2008 at 9 o’clock AM. Is this correct?
You: Yes.
You: Hang up.

Jott will send you an email with your transcribed message (or an email to whoever you advised). If Jott did not understand you very well, you can also listen to your Jott online. For this example, I also set up a reminder. This morning (Monday, July 14th) at 8:50 am, I received a text message on my phone and another email reminding me of my Jott.

You can also set up “Jott Links”. Several companies have created links to their web services using Jott. If you already have an account to any of the web sites listed below, you can add these Jott Links to your Jott account.

43actions, Google Calendar, 30 boxes, Yahoo Groups, Twitter, Remember the Milk, Vitalist, Xpenser and many more!

Here is an example of sending a Jott to your Google Calendar:
You: Call 866-JOTT-123
Jott: Who do you want to Jott?
You: Google Calendar
Jott: Google Calendar, is this correct?
You: Yes
Jott: Beep!
You: Meet Andy for lunch tomorrow at noon.
Jott: Got it.
You: Hang up.

Jott transcribes your message and sends it to your Google Calendar. Your message will be added to your calendar using Google's quick add feature.

This is a fun, innovative, simple and did I mention a FREE service? So, head over to Jott.com and check it out!

Think Simple,
nay nay

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." ~Leonardo DaVinci

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I realize it's all the rage to send one's personal information to strangers in foreign countries, so I guess I'm the only one a little iffy on this. I do like the idea of it, just not how it's implemented. For now, I'll keep my notes to myself (and in recorded form) rather than send them to India to be transcribed by someone I don't know.

But, like I said, I'm kinda behind the curve on the whole farm-out-your-life thing.


I don't think I mind if people in India know that I need to write up my morning notes. (yes, that was sarcastic). Hopefully people will not be sending their Social Security #'s and cradit card numbers through Jott. I am pretty sure the main purpose is to Remember to pick up Milk on your way home... that's just my 2 cents though.


sorry about that double post. didn't think the first one worked...

Me, too

No, you're not the only one. I've looked at the Jott.com site, and I cannot help thinking about who will have access to my name, e-mail and phone number(s) and the same information about any one I designate as a contact. Corporations do not have a great reputation for actually keeping private information private. And remember, any privacy policy expires when a company is sold.

Which brings up the other big thing. If the service is free to use, who's paying for it? Is there advertising? Will the service be free for a while, then converted to a pay site? (which has happened before) Will the company fail, and end the service abruptly? That has happened to me more than once. Just about the time I got really comfortable with the service, they shut down.

Register with fake name & address

I can't be the first person to think of registering with a fake name and address for personal ID security.

Google, for instance, has bee collecting MASSIVE

amounts of highly personal info about more and more people. And so are other companies, now too.

Just check the Terms Of Use and spend a little time finding out and noticing how all your personal info is being captured, "archived" (databased) and... well, used.

Simple? Handy?

Or what?

I can see the utility

But JOTT isn't for me. It doesn't mesh well with the tools I have at work and we're not allowed to introduce new apps, plus it basically duplicates the capture tools I use now.

It sounds nifty and in another situation I'd be much more enthusiastic about it, but for now I'll stick with my pocket mod and space pen. :)

I don't see this as helpful

seems like a lot of work to make a note or a list when all you have to do is send yourself an e-mail orput it on your calendar on your own account or write it down

I haven't written about other options here but this seems to be a case of can we do it yes but does it make our life easier I would say no.

perhaps there are some people that wold like it and it would help I hope so

Ah, but...

... try writing this all down, when you're driving down the road at 65 mph, or stuck in stop-n-go traffic. I've done, and have kept a micro-cassette for years in my car. Jott would help in those moments when you can't write things down. That's its point.

So being distracted by using the phone is better?

I don't see that being distracted by the phone while driving down the road is a good idea either

I find Jott helpful

The point is that I am sending myself an email - just with my cell phone.

I often think of something that I need to do the next day at work. Calling Jott and stating a simple sentence gets that off my mind. Then, the next morning, I have an email that reminds me.

I only use Jott infrequently (and I rarely use the reminder feature). But it has been very valuable when I think of something at 9:30 pm on Friday that I must remember to do on Monday.

Nice for my boss too!

I signed my boss up on Jott.com as well. It is so nice for him to send me reminders or thoughts especially over the weekend. He used to call the office and leave me a voice mail. yes, pretty much the same thing, but I do not have to listen to 10 emails and add them to my to do list. I just open email and move the Jott's to my task list in Outlook. I find it extremely useful and my boss loves it.

Re: entering info on the web site and privacy policies by companies. Just curious to those folks who are wary about this... Does this mean you do not or have not ordered anything online? You haven't given all of this info to Levenger or another company? You haven't tried any of the other free online programs that have been discussed in the forums (google calendar, vitalist, etc.)? Just wondering? I am an online-crazed lunatic! So, just want to hear more from the other half! ;)

Re: Driving while talking vs Driving while writing or texting.... Hmmm, I will take driving while talking any day!

Let's hear those responses!

Simple Smiles,
nay nay

I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers

I realize that there are things that are useful to other people that might not be useful to me so I don't say much concerning the different sites that are on here.

I was just expressing an opinion that I found this particular one to be somewhat archaic having to do so much to send a simple reminder.

And my concern about doing this while driving down the road at 65 miles an hour goes for the writing it down while going down the road at 65 miles an hour. If you can't pull over and write it down or send it then you are endangering your life and mine. And maybe if your life is so hectic that you have to do this at 65 miles an hour then isn't it possible that you need to re-evaluate your priorities and maybe see that that one note, written or voice mailed, isn't worth the price of mommy or daddy, aunt or uncle, etc being injured or possibly killed.

Debate is not necessarily a bad thing

I didn't get the impression that you ruffled anyone's feather. I think there were some good points on either side of the Jott debate.

One of the purposes of this forum is to discuss "the why" of systems that work for some and not for others. Some debate may happen between members because of this, but nobody does it to be nasty.

Like any tool, it just needs to be used with some common sense. I don't have a problem with someone using the cell phone for two minutes while driving. I have a problem with the idiot in front of me on the freeway who is obviously having a very long involved conversation on cell phone. This is made worse because he is oblivious to the fact that he needs to get out of the passing lane so he isn't slowing me down.

I agree there are legimate reasons to question the safety of cell phone usage while driving, but personally I felt your last comment came across pretty mean, and that was probably not your intent. This is only my observation and not meant to offend.

While naynay may come accross like the paid spokesperson for this service, it is only because she has a found a great tool that works well in her organizational system. She can't help it, she's excited about it. (Just like I was very excited over the Ren Art 4x6 holder a few months ago.)


"Okay, I need to get in the habit of actually using my planner, but it looks really cool!"


Hey everyone! I agree that debates are not a bad thing. Actually, I play devil's advocate quite often as I feel I learn more by making people tell me their opinions (this drives my family MAD!). Many times, my original opinion or thought will change due to the convincing arguments of others! I enjoy that. So, I consider part of my job here to introduce you to planning tools and let you discover if they work for you or not. Maybe they don't (which is fine) and maybe I will find that they really do not work for me as well.

So, to sum it up... I want to hear your thoughts - good or bad. Otherwise, none of us will learn anything! So, keep 'em coming!

nay nay

P.S. Let's put the "driving while talking discussion" on the back burner as I think that could get pretty heated, pretty fast. Let's imagine using Jott while sitting outside with a cold beverage when an amazing thought pops into your head. ;)

Anything like JOTT ?

Anyone aware of a service like Jott? It won't work for me because my cell-co won't pass through 5 digit SMS addresses like theirs. I could really use the text reminder feature.

Free? The sign-up says

Free? The sign-up says 3.95/mo.

It was free

Jott had an early promotional period in Beta when it was free. It now costs money. These posts were written during the free period.