Circa on the brain

Over the course of a conversation yesterday, I realized I had moved out of my parents' house and away from my hometown twenty years ago this Fall. This thought apparently stayed on my mind because I dreamt about returning to my hometown last night and reuniting with many of my childhood friends. Imagine my surprise at how many of them used Circa ;-). So at least in my dreams Circa is a hit in a small town in rural North Carolina!

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dreamin' too

I dreamt about circa recently too... :) Been working on getting organized again. Its been a real struggle but I'm getting there... somehow i keep thinking a new circa toy will help LOL... and my subconscious seems to agree...thats the dangerous part ;P

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Circa - the other meaning

It's interesting that your dream mixed past and present - since circa also means "around (the time of)" - to which anyone who has searched for Circa on ebay without adding "Levenger" can attest!