Anybody ever order from them? It was sort of silent from their end so I called and ended up cancelling my order. I still don't feel settled about it. Does anyone have any feedback they want to share?

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I've been a happy customer

I've ordered from them several times and never had a bit of a problem. I love their selection and catalog. What do you mean by silence? I hate it when companies are out of stock on one item and hold the whole order without notifying me. Is that what happened?

Yes Lisa, that's what

Yes Lisa, that's what happened. I sent two follow up emails trying to find out the status of the order. Then when I called they answered like it was a residence. Just starting to wonder if it was a legit business. Seems they don't have the item and would fill it when it arrives. I opted to just cancel and order on another day when stock comes in. Thx for the input. I feel better already! -Ros

Mail Order

I'm always a bit nervous about ordering from a new company. I feel a bit better about this one because they have a print mag, but I guess it doesn't mean they are good or legit, just that they put money into advertising. Sounds like they need to put some money into costumer service.

We do have a checking account with a debit card that we use just for internet and mail order. We transfer the money from our main checking just before we make the order. That way, if some place is shady, they won't get to far with the card number we give.So I'm defiantly a bit up there on the paranoid scale.

I've ordered from them

I've ordered from them several times. I don't think they're shady, but I got the impression that it's a small company with a really good catalog. Which isn't an inherently bad thing-I've worked with several small local businesses that have a nationwide presence on the internet. After all, that's many people's dream, to have a business that they run from home. It's how they do it that matters.

After placing my last order I got second thoughts, called the next morning to cancel, and wound up telling him I might call back and go ahead with the order, but wanted him to just put it on hold, but the order arrived a few days later. Maybe it had already gone out. So that was annoying, but I kept the items and used them instead of calling to complain (since I'd already paid for them). I don't think he did it deliberately, but maybe he wasn't organized as well as he should be. I'm sure that if I'd refused the order or sent it back he would have refunded my money, but I just decided to keep it. And was happy with it. Though annoyed.

It might have been a misunderstanding.

Happy customer for years

I've ordered from for years (from even before they were a .com and just a catalog) and find them a great source of products that I find difficult to find elsewhere.

I agree that they could be a little more up-to-date on their customer communications, but I've never had any problems with them.

And, true, they are not as 'instantaneous' shippers as some companies - they aren't Amazon, for instance - but I have always (eventually) received my order.

Last year something I

Last year something I ordered from The Daily Planner was out of stock, and they didn't notify me. After about three weeks of waiting for it to arrive, I called and they said they'd ship it when available. Annoying. Then, when the item did ship, it was first 'mis-delivered' by FedEx to a non-existent address, left in the rain, and damaged. By the time I got it, my Russel + Hazel notebook cover looked 20 years old. I decided to return it, and The Daily Planner was really apologetic and helpful. They didn't charge me to ship it back, and refunded all my money. They have a mirror website called Lincoln Stationers, which is a real store in NYC, so I think they are just a small operation doing their best.

Daily Planner not responding

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I ordered a bag from them on May 23rd and written twice wondering where the item actually was in the process. The website never changed from Processing. So, in the dark completely! I really want this item.

It's dead, Jim

The site does not respond, so I tried The Way-Back Machine !

The site was last "seen" on 22 June of this year:

And the most recent version of the "Contact Us" page is 23 January of this year:

The Daily Planner
43 West 33rd Street
3rd Floor
New York, New York 10001

1 (800) 635 4321
212-664-8034 Fax

I tried the 800 number and got a third-party cable TV service.
The 212 / non-fax number is out of service

Google Maps Street-View for the address shows nothing encouraging.

You may be out of luck.
If you used a credit card to make the purchase, I'd contact them to see about un-making it.
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The Daily Planner

I have ordered from the Daily Planner years ago with no problem. Actually, whenever I stumbled upon a new planner idea, I would want to get started right away. So I would pick up my orders on my lunch hour. (Only people on this website would understand why I had to have my orders Anyways, it was a small operation - not an actual store. Rent in that part of Manhattan (well, in most of Manhattan) is crazy expensive plus there is so much competition from larger stores so I am thinking they went belly up.

Maybe we should do a list of good/extinct/bad suppliers. I haven't searched to see if such a unified list exists here.

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