Anyone with the Lev. Bomber zip folio?

Pondering the Bomber zip folio (letter size) for some time, and it's on sale---but I want the circa one! Anyone know whether or not a circa notebook will fit inside the zip folio that is designed for their pad? There's a slot on the side opposite the pad...sooooo? Maybe?


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Maybe...with adjustments

I can't speak to the letter size, however I have the ambifolio (for the pad, not circa) in junior size and I can say that, for junior anyway, it fits if you're willing to trade for narrower covers. I had to cut about half an inch off the width of the plastic covers that came with my Circa agenda, then it fit just fine. I couldn't go over 3/4" discs, either. I also kept a small spiral notebook in there for disposable notes.

In other words, it should work, if you're willing to chop a cover (or make your own -- lots of ideas for that elsewhere on this site!).

Thanks so much for your

Thanks so much for your detailed info and suggestions!

Too much of everything [I love] is just enough.
~Calvin & Hobbes

The circa worked with the

The circa worked with the tyler bomber, letter size. Loving it!:) Thanks for your alternative suggestion, sparked my interest to get beyond the zip!:)
Too much of everything [I love] is just enough.
~Calvin & Hobbes

I'm so happy that worked for you!

I've been admiring the bomber jackets for awhile but they don't fit my budget. Enjoy your new set-up!