Have you seen?

There is a blog out there... that i stumbled onto but didn't note... >.<

It had a spotlighted item each week that was for the most part only good for one thing. I don't remember if it was a blog dedicated to simplification or productivity but either is a possibility (seeing as how I've been browsing these topics a lot lately).

Any help finding this would be MUCH appreciated!... (hopefully one of yall has an rrs feed or at least has seen it)

Thanks much!

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Unclutterer.com's Unitasker Wednesday series

I think this might be what you're looking for: Unclutterer.com (Unitasker Wednesday archive)

My reply was flagged as spam!

Maybe because I tried to post a link? Check out Unclutterer.com. They have a series called Unitasker Wednesday that spotlights (sometimes really silly) products that are only good for one very specific task.


THANKYOU!!! I've been hunting all day (while at work which is baaaad!) thank you so much!!!

ps... everyone else - check out this site if you haven't seen it before. heck even if you have - drop by - its great!

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You're welcome!

I love all the oddball gadgets they find. Some of them are just too ridiculous. And when I'm having a particularly unproductive day at work their site is generally the cause!


its funny how productivity related websites lead to so many unproductive days... at least we get inspired, right? ;P

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I love how many of us read

I love how many of us read Unclutterer!

I bet we all have a lot of sites in common...

For example, who here doesn't read LifeHacker? Zen Habits?

BTW -- has something happened to 43 Folders? Lately when I try to go there all I get is the top banner and the "Internet Explorer is unable to display this page", or something close to that.

It's working for me.

It's working for me. (Firefox)

Same here

Works me too with both FireFox v3 and Safari (both on a Mac).

And right after I posted

And right after I posted that message I decided to give 43 folders another shot -- and it worked perfectly.

Dang. Makes me look like (more of) an idiot.

I *swear* I wasn't able to open it for over a week.

never you mind

part of the joys of the internet include the "hey... it wasn't working a minute ago!" Happens to me all the time! so you never you mind and don't be so hard on yourself. :)

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how about?

Would starting a topic about what blogs/websites inspire and fuel our quest for organization/productivity be a good idea? Maybe there are some hidden gems out there :)

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nm check this out

More than 50 productivity related websites! even has short descriptions...

lifehack.org link

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