New Circa Colors!

I emailed the Levenger folks yesterday to ask if they had any plans to release new leather colors for the Circa line (I had mentioned the leather foldover notebooks in particular) in the next few months, and what those colors would be. They responded right away, and said that

"Fall Colors are due to be available in August next month. That would be Espresso (dark chocolate) and Spice (Pumpkin/Orange). We have not had a word on what products the two colors will be available. If you check with us again next month we will be happy to provide you with that information."

So I'm excited! I've wanted to get a letter-size leather notebook cover now for awhile, but none of the colors ever caught my eye. But both the dark espresso AND the pumpkin sound great! It's going to be a hard decision - although hopefully these will last longer than the bookcloth covers . I have a letter-size plum cover that I bought in November, and while its only gone from my bag to my desk at work, the corners are already worn down to the cardboard. Are the leather covers more durable?

Thanks! Just thought I'd share the good news. :-)

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spice sounds nice!

I'm very eager to see the spice! my budget won't support a splurge like that right now but... i can always drool and covet!

I have two leather zip folios and they have really taken a beating! both look really great... the compact black zip folio was my more regular companion and the wear enhanced the look... :)

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I gotta ask


I gotta ask...does anyone change out their leather Circa covers seasonally? With clothes, I get the seasonal change thing. I also get it with things like curtains and even (for holidays) home decor. But does anyone actually switch which notebook they're carrying because it's fall rather than spring?

I would really prefer to see a range of colors that's always available (besides black and brown!). I'm bummed that purple is gone and so is navy. I would *adore* cobalt blue. But why does it have to be here today, gone tomorrow? These leather goods last for years--if I want to pick up a matching whatever next year, I'm out of luck. Color me grumpy.


Yeah - I do

But not regularly or with any consistency.

I've always hoarded a small collection of totes, purses, and planner covers, and they get switched out at whim or season or outfit (if it's an important event). So far I only have one nice leather Circa cover, but the clear ones do extra duty since I can change the picture or paper underneath it and change it's character.

And because they last for years, I am OK with the investment, since even though I'll get bored and change it out in a few months, it'll make the rounds again. Kind of like changing ink colors in my fountain pen to reflect my mood. (Thankfully I'm not a mood-swing kind of person!)