ok- trying this again here...interchangeability, which planners have it?

I'm interested in classic size pages, ringbound, and I"m wondering what programs are interchangeable- daytimer, dayrunner, filofax, and franklin covey (and whatever else is out there?) thanks a bunch!

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I have no idea

Hence, no previous comment. Sorry.

my best idea

go to a store that has several of the brands and see how the refills line up. I'm guessing they'd say something on them about size and hole spacing but I don't know for certain.

Just because you don't get a reply doesn't mean we arent reading your post... most likely no one has the information :)

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Some are

The DayTimer "desk", Dayrunner "classic", and Franklin Covey "classic" systems are all interchangeable (the Dayrunner binders have both 3- and 7-ring configurations, but all their refills are seven-hole punched). The Filofax A5 (closest equivalent) is a little bigger (5-3/4 x 8-3/4) and has a different hole configuration (2 rows of 3 holes).

Awesome- thanks for the help

Awesome- thanks for the help guys. Just have to save some cash- i like the classic size!